WW 767: Searching for Longhorn

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Confusing to me about all the fuss regarding Windows 11 Search. Seems like it works very well from my perspective. Have no problem narrowing search to Documents, Emails, Folder, etc. and there are several options to fine tune search under the … I did several tests in various categories and results were as I expected. Search was very fast compared to my Windows 10 “search this computer”.

I don’t (well won’t) use Windows 11, but Windows 10’s Search is crap. I have configured all the options off in Group Policy that I can find, and still it does crap like this:

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For me this is a none issue. If there is something about Windows I don’t
like I will find a solution. Everyone uses a computer differently. This is my computer not Microsoft’s. The way Microsoft has setup the Start Menu Taskbar & Right Click Menu in Windows 11 is useless to me.

One of the biggest problems with Microsoft is their refusal to let us Customize Windows the way we want.

First thing I do after a clean install is uninstall all of Microsoft’s Apps like Cortana & One Drive etc. except for Notepad & Calculator. I then go through the Privacy settings & disable everything.

I have never seen even one Ad on my system, I also use a Firewall that blocks everything by default, I get to choose what has access to the Internet.

After installing OpenShell & Using Winareo Tweaker I have my Windows 10 & 11 Pro set up the way I want.

I wish that Microsoft would make a stripped down Enterprise version for Consumers & Small Business with a single License. I would gladly pay a one time fee for this.
Call it Windows 11 Enterprise Pro. :laughing:

I have a pic of my Start Menu & Right Click Menu in another Post here…

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Search, as far as I’m concerned, is a Microsoft responsibility. This is a local operating system. Of course, many users are willing to install alternatives: the search can often be that terrible.

OS search is much like OS anti-virus. If you want more, then install a third-party solution. But the integrated service should perform great for 95% of all users (the final 5% / 70 million can bother around with third-party apps).

Unfortunately, Search is still terrible on Windows 11: I’m with Mary Jo. Both on a clean install and an upgrade. It’s especially slow, even with “enhanced” indexing and weeks of idle time. No other OS local search is this impotent and idiosyncratic:

That Paul has to search onedrive.com to find local files instead of the Start menu search: it should make our eyes twitch. Most of the users I interact with have the same opinion: “It’s terrible. Use folder shortcuts on the desktop and search from the File Explorer. Or install Everything / Fluent Search / Listary / etc.”

Mary Jo is once again right: normal users don’t like Windows’ search, but they’ve given up because Microsoft gave up first.

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I don’t know of they sill do this but the windows insider porgame has older versions of Windows that you can try out. That’s one legal way to play old Windows 95/98 games on newer computers “in VM of course”.