WW 778: Undo Your Ink

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It’s sad that Microsoft is so determined to “simplify” Windows. In my view, they’re just Applefying it. Of course, they’re not Apple, so they don’t have decades of experience fine-turning UIs to create a coherently simple (read: restrictive) UX. It’s always frustrating to watch a company with a product (like Windows) that has its own well-established niche in the market partially abandon that niche just to try to edge in on that of another company’s product (like MacOS).

Paul’s suggestion that Windows 10 adoption was fast in part because people wanted to get off Windows 8 surprised me. I’m sure he’d know better than I would, but I was under the impression that most people never went to Windows 8, instead staying on 7. After all, Windows 7 was good enough that there wasn’t a lot of impetus to upgrade from it to 10, much less to 8.