WW 728: Organic Rounded Corners

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Kinda surprised by the amount of hype y’all expressed about Microsoft’s hosted desktop product. Gotta remember, the “cloud” is simply someone else’s computer. I’ve worked with many companies over the past 5-10 years that have moved their previously on-prem products to their “cloud” only to have their ops teams stumble over the same product issues I had when using their product on hardware we owned (cough Citrix cough).

I just don’t see Windows being radically different or inherently more secure simply because it’s being run on a shared server remotely rather than dedicated local hardware. Are we expecting significant changes to the underlying OS when this hosted desktop offering is finalized?


The talk at the beginning of the show was around the “new” version of Windows coming in the autumn. They were constantly saying that people had been calling for 2 versions of Windows, one consumer and one business and this could be what is happening.

STOP. We’ve had 2 versions of Windows since NT was released and that didn’t go away with XP, there was still a home and a pro version, today, there is home, pro and enterprise. I’ve been calling for a single version Windows since XP was released. I want exactly the same features in exactly the same place that work exactly the same way at work and at home.

I run the same core applications at home and work and I will going forward. I want the same UI, I want the same features, I want the same software at home and work. Most of the users I know at work have enough problems today working out how things work in Windows, let alone giving them different experiences at home and work.

When Microsoft did away with the search bar at the top of the mail list column in Outlook, we were inundated by calls, because Outlook was broken! Microsoft had actually just moved the search bar to be prominently displayed in the title bar of the application (dumb move, but hey). If people think an application is broken now, when something like that happens, just wait until the UI looks totally different!


The only benefit you will have is that it gets updated in the background. The next time you log in, the updates have been applied, “no rebooting”, because it is just a session running on a common underbody.

I don’t want to run my PC in the cloud and, at work, we won’t be able to due to company and industry policies. In fact most of our contracts prohibit the storage of company confidential informaiton in the cloud, so no way the actual PCs will be hosted in the cloud.

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There were significant differences between Windows 98 and Windows 2000. At the time Microsoft was maintaining two separate code bases and hated it. They unified both code bases under XP - they still had distinct SKUs but the differences were mostly superficial: UI differences and some pro features turned off in home.

That was my point. The user interface on home was different enough that it was frustrating at times, especially user management, for example.

As an admin at work you come home and… Nothing works, you either can’t do what you want, or it has a completely different ui. Windows 10 isn’t as bad as XP and 7 were.

And, yes Win16 and Windows NT Werte completely different.

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From my listening, Paul & Mary Jo seem quite realistic that Sun Valley will be much smaller than most expect?

And, interestingly, Microsoft’s use of GitHub allows for revision history of their documents and some discovered yesterday: presumably the first Microsoft document with “Windows Sun Valley”,

Daniel Simpson works at Microsoft as a " Cybersecurity Content Manager, Microsoft 365". These documents are for IT Pros and it’s been like this since April 30th, apparently. A code name leak or a branding leak?

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Unless enterprises start rolling out the latest Windows updates at the same pace Microsoft pushes them to consumers, the chances of most people using the same version at work and home are pretty slim.

I have Windows 10 21h1 at work and home. :wink:

I had an annoying experience with getting 21H1 today. It was offered on the machine, along with the most recent roll-up, and a few other updates. I didn’t select the 21H1 update because I wanted to make sure the other updates finished properly and successfully first. (Didn’t want to cross the streams, as it were.) When I rebooted to finish the update, I was no longer offered the 21H1 update. Good job Microsoft grumble.

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Looks like it’ll be Windows 11. A build leaked online: now in ZDNet, the Verge, XDA, Tom’s Hardware, Neowin, Windows Central’s Zac Bowden’s Twitter feed.

Mary Jo & Paul are already taking a look; Paul has the leaked build installed already, while Mary Jo has an article up:

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