WW 769: The Insects Are Winning

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@MaryJo @thurrott My thoughts on the watermark is not to annoy people technical enough to know why it’s there, it’s there so you don’t acquire a “new to you” PC without realizing that someone is potentially cheating you. It’s the same thing with activation. There were people who tried to sell whitebox PCs without proper licenses and these notices let them know that seller is not on the up and up.

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I meet all the requirements for Win 11 on my Desktop Computer except my CPU is a 6th Gen Intel i7.

I have had no problems clean installing Win 11 V1 without using any workarounds.

Thanks Paul T for the tip about Greenshot, I was using ShareX but I just Switched to Greenshot Portable, it has not been updated since 2017 but I am looking forward to the 2022 release coming out of Beta.


That Snip & Sketch in Win 11 does not work, & GS is a far better program.

I’ve had Greenshot bookmarked for a long time (probably because Paul mentioned it on his podcast), yet never once installed it. I don’t understand why the average person needs a screenshot tool? Pressing PRT SCRN or (the variations with ALT or WIN) works fine for me. Since I rarely want to send the whole screen/window, I always have to edit it anyway, so I feel no compunction about pasting it into Paint.NET to do a little tweaking before saving and using it. I might do this once every few weeks (if I am helping someone online, like here in these forums) or once every 6 months otherwise. Are there really THAT many people who need this who aren’t Paul. (He obviously needs it because he writes “documentation” for a living.)

As Paul likes to point out, WW listeners aren’t exactly average users. I use Greenshot a ton as an IT guy. Being able to pre-crop screenshots alone is nice (can easily save a couple of minutes versus having to crop in another app for multi-step guides) but the editor is really what makes Greenshot shine as a free app. You can easily add numbering and text without ever having to work beyond the clipboard, which is really handy when sending a user a quick screenshot to demonstrate a concept.

The org I just left also used Greenshot heavily for non-technical users due simply to legacy apps where PrintScreen is actually used for printing. Greenshot allows users to save toner from not including UI elements without having to insert an extra step.

I use screenshots way more since I started using Greenshot since I’m not having to waste time with an OP editor. It was a total gamechanger for me.


To preface I’m in college studying IT Microsoft Learn is trash. The college I goto uses MS Learn for all the classes in the Windows Administration stream. All MS Learn is a bunch of modules comprised of a bunch of long readings with the occasional short video with a quiz at the end of the module.

That sounds like the MSC certs back in the 90s. When they first came out, I tried the mock exams, cold, without reading the course materials. I got 98%. I decided that any half way incompetent admin would pass with flying colours and the exams were therefore useless.

Then I got the cords material, it was worse than I thought.