WW 768: UI Bouillabaisse

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You can disable Web Search in Group Policy.

Microsoft does not have the ability to give me Explorer Ads.

They can monitize Windows 11 by letting us Buy a stripped down Windows Version. As I mentioned in another post, I would like to see a Enterprise version for Win 11 Pro users, I 150% agree with Paul T. I would gladly pay for a single license Enterprise Win 11 version. I payed for Windows 10 Pro Retail for my Custom built desktop computer but they have Crippled this thing. I Don’t mind paying for quality, but the way it is now is total Garbage.

There is no excuss to put all these restrictions & garbage on a Business OS.

I have the right to block all Microsoft Intrusions & I have.

I stay away from all Microsoft Apps etc. if I can Because of all the Security Problems they have had & Still have.

Here are some Screen Shots of my Win 11 Pro 21H2 22000.556 System.

My Start Menu

My Right Click Menu
My Right Click

My Search is just fine. I am using an NVME SSD & a WD 1TB Data Drive & I have everything organized so I really don’t use Search much.

@Leo The Canonical/Ubuntu story of ads in the OS is actually the opposite narrative from the current Windows ridiculousness, in my view. Over a decade ago, they introduced Amazon search in the OS search bar. It involved personalization of searches by tracking products on Canonical’s servers. It was configurable in settings and you could remove the code entirely by uninstalling the package. Eventually they disabled it by default in the 2016 LTS release, thanks in at least some small part to a smear campaign from the FLOSS world’s favorite iconoclast, Richard Stallman. I still use Ubuntu, since I found the outcry a bit “moral panicky” in light of the simplicity with which you could disable the feature. In general, it’s hard to put much stock in what Linux people on the net say about Ubuntu, since a good portion of them admit they would prefer Linux to remain difficult to keep “normies” out and it has become the de-facto base for creating user-friendly distros…

In contrast, Microsoft seems to be putting ads and cruft all throughout the OS, actively preventing workarounds, and continuing the practice of opaque telemetry gathering. I don’t know why they didn’t learn from this episode almost a decade ago… Perhaps management figured that if the only people who really cared were a few power users and the Stallmanites, then they wouldn’t lose any sleep over the backlash? It seems rather short sighted.

I keep tuning in to hear some good news. Ostensibly, Microsoft is now an open source company, they contribute to the Linux kernel, and release wonderful open products like VsCod(e/ium) with the associated LSP. There must be loads of people at Microsoft who love open and free software. Do they just have to clean out the C-suite to bring that ethos front and center?

And since I ran long, I thought I’d just give my absolute favorite quote:

You use notepad? You would love Emacs.