WW 758: An Encyclopedia of Chipsets

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No ads this week; that stinks.

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Just a quick technical / creature comforts note: MaryJo’s audio sometimes comes in slightly too hot. Could you just ever so slightly turn down her volume? (See, for example 2:08:05 in the club version of the podcast) It’s always interesting but sometimes just slightly distorted. Have been noticing this for a couple of shows now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s a challenge. The clipping is often (but not always) at her end so I can’t fix it. But your point is well taken - MJ has a considerable dynamic range so I need to ride her volume.


Windows Sideshow - External display.

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I subscribe to the TWIT+ version and honestly never would have noticed, that being said this is one of my favorite Podcasts every week. Even if I get behind This one is always top of the list.

1)Windows Weekly, 2) TWIT 3) TWIG 4)Macbreak 5) IOS Today 6) All other podcast (Dateline, Unraveled, First Ring, ETC.)


I agree with @MaryJo that sometimes Windows Hello IR / facial recognition is really not as reliable as it should be and it definitely seems to have gotten worse.

I don’t seem to remember it being this tough when I first got it: both my webcam (Logitech Brio) and my laptop (HP Spectre x360 13t / late 2019) are ~30% accurate these days. It’s not seamless, really.

I’ve done the re-training 10x (at least!) over, in all lighting conditions, over the past six months. Thought about removing and adding it back; couldn’t be bothered to keep teaching it. I’ve gone back to the fingerprint and PIN: far more reliable.

I happen to use an iPhone with Face ID: it, on the other hand, has been reliable since day 1. I realise they’re different underlying technologies (3D dot projector vs 2D optical), but can’t understand how Windows Hello got worse.

Or maybe I was more forgiving back in the day :sweat_smile: No major facial changes, either: same weight, same glasses, same facial features: just a haircut every once in a while…

EDIT: whoops, forgot a crucial vowel there. Not intended.