Request for Hands-On Tech: Include Windows enthusiasts

With the recent TWIT announcement that the various Hands-on podcasts will be consolidated into the Hands-On Tech podcast - I am asking/hoping for some love to be shown to Windows enthusiasts. I get that in consumer tech, Google and Apple are pretty hot - but many of us use Windows daily (and not because we’re forced to for work) and I, for one, am always looking out for new and cool ways to be more efficient and enjoy using my Windows device.

Things I would love to see:

  • Is there a good Windows 10 application for doing video like iMovie (spoiler - HitFilm Express, ShotCut, etc)
  • Cool ways to make use of my mobile device in conjunction with Windows
  • Making a podcast or YouTube channel with Windows (Audacity, Premiere Elements, etc)

I get that many if not all of the hosts use Apple products., but if TWIT is for enthusiasts - then please show those of us who really do like Windows some love as well.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


I too am a Windows fan, and I wouldn’t be offended if all reviews appropriate at least included examples of usage of relevant OSes (Linux, Mac, Windows (in alphabetical order) :wink: )

Also, hardware hands-on wise: although few of us are currently traveling right now I’d like a review of this:

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Windows Weekly should cover those things

Not so much - that’s focused on the news of Microsoft and Windows, just as MacBreak Weekly is focused on Apple news. I’m thinking more of what Hands on Mac and Hands on Android did, but for Windows. Those podcasts have been folded into the general Hands on Tech podcast - and I just want to ask that Windows-users get some attention as well.


Leo has already stated that Hands on Tech is still going to be busy with new gadgets, with some of the topics from the other Hands On shows. I wouldn’t expect to see much of that type of content in the show.

Unfortunately even though I love the idea and have loved the format of the hand on shows, Know-How, hands on Ios, Hands on Mac, & Hands on Photography… I do believe Leo when he says the advertising for this Market just isn’t there.


There’s an old episode of Know How that covered making podcasts. But editing is the one step that wasn’t covered as it’s a skill that takes a lot of time to learn.

Edit: here’s a playlist I made with all the KH episodes about podcasting:


And TWiG and AAA should cover Google, MBW and iOS Today Apple… What is your point? Those and WW are more general shows, HoT is about a deeper dive into a specific subject.

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Yes, it is sad. The new shows I’ve watched this year and found interesting enough to subscribe to have all been cancelled, because “I” am the only listener/viewer.

I loved Ant’s talking heads on photography, a really great and interesting podcast, but it was very short lived. It was probably the best photography show/podcast I ever listened to, but it was too niche to get advertising. :frowning:


Thx, sir. Cheers to you. :tumbler_glass:

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Wait a sec - Hands on Photography? According to the blog entry referenced below, that’s one of the two Hands On shows that’s sticking around. No need for an R.I.P. yet! :grinning:

Or were you talking about Focus on Photography? :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I reckon he meant Focus on Photography. That was the talking heads show…


Yes, I was taking about FoP.


Yup. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: THANKS. Grateful for being able to do the show. I freakin LOVE it. I still want more viewers, though. Not gonna front. Business is business and love is love. :fist_right:t5:


Just commenting on where I believe subjects should be addressed - just my opinion! I also like HOT for addressing specific hardware devices.

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Wait, I thought FoP was cancelled. I’ve not seen new episodes of the feed since January.

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Yes, that one was cancelled.

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