WW 703: Caposseloosa

I havent been listening to TWIT that long, but this was a GREAT show. Sounds like its an annual thing? Mr Capossela is VERY well spoken. Impressive that TWIT can get someone from the C suite to come and talk.


It has been an annual thing for a few years. Have got it playing on YouTube right now.

It’s more the connections that Paul and Mary Jo have rather than Leo :slight_smile:

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Chris Capossela is a truly gracious guest on WW, It is clear that he enjoys his annual appearance and it is most definitely a credit to @thurrott and @MaryJo, and @Leo as well, that this tradition continues year after year.

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It’s really great to hear that you guys are appreciating the star guest every year. To me, it always feels like the chief marketeer joins the panel to share some additional marketing on top of a full year of brand centric content.

I like Windows Weekly a lot, but mostly for the critical takes, the report from the afflicted, and dark humour. Not so much for the advertising bits. In my mind, I see WW like some very well versed and friendly stormtroopers get together each week to discuss founding a union to make the empire a better place. And every Christmas, Darth’s right hand stops by for a fun sweater and some internal marketing. Just that Darth now is soft spoken and follows higher ethical standards.

Of course, it’s great to see the corporate giant seem to care - no doubt about it. But the tone and plight that carries us through the rest of the year simply feels hard to console with it in my mind. Plus, rebellion is more exciting. But hey: fun sweaters!

I think I’ve taken on a paul-esque mood in this comment. At least I’ve learned from the best.


Thanks. We are happy that Chris continues to agree to do the Christmas show each year with us, too!