WW 755: Chris Caps the Year

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Always enjoy Chris Capossela’s appearance on the show. The fact that we get someone of that level continually impresses me and is one of the things I look forward to each year with this show. As always - well done!

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Yeah maybe I’m projecting but I feel like Chris might have been a little worried about this year’s questions. He handled them well, though. Frankly getting a half hour from a C-level exec is pretty generous.


Yes, it was a great segment and Chris did well, even if he avoided some questions, deflecting them a little, but still fairly straight talking, compared to most marketing people.

I don’t agree with him regarding the shopping stuff etc. in Edge. That should be an add-in, not a core part of the browser. They are enough of a security nightmare, without building in extra, unnecessary, security weaknesses into it.

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Just finished the episode and have a question for @MaryJo . Why would you log out of Teams?

I logged in when I set up the phone and just set my status to “offline” when I’m not at work. What advantage does logging off bring?

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Hi. When I want to be unreachable, I want to truly be unreachable :slight_smile: And I think every app should allow people to log out. On the desktop, when I log out of Teams, it doesn’t want to let me go, but it eventually does. Why is Teams so thirsty?? :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


On the desktop, when I don’t want to be reachable, I quit Teams, which means it is still logged on next time I start it.

I can understand not wanting to be contactable. I have the benefit of it being a company phone, so I just turn it off, when I really want to be uncontactable.

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I tried to give it a bit of time before commenting. It’s been a great year of WW episodes, guys - thank you so much! Always a great to hear you share your critical take on the matter. This has turned to be my favourite podcast, changing from TWiG.

At least in my book - and I acknowledge to seemingly be alone in this opinion - the annual Chris Cap show does not add much each year. Maybe even to the contrary. I can understand it to be strategically useful to maintain a good connection, but it does not really add much more than a spoken, glossy advertising pamphlet to the show. Here, even the biggest problems come with a silver lining that outshine any issue - so consequently, none really get addressed.

That said: let my voice be your pinch of salt in an otherwise lovely podcast apple crumble - otherwise it’s too sweet. :wink: Enjoy the days off and looking forward to many many more of your episodes! :slight_smile:

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I think Paul and Mary Jo always want to give Microsoft a chance to respond to their comments. It’s just good journalism. So once a year we get their take.