WW 652: It's a Capossela Christmas

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While listening when Chris stumbled over Credge I guffawed. :wink: Despite the fact that he’s there with a mission that revolves around maximizing free publicity for MS I still find him very engaging.


I’m interested in a more clear answer to Paul’s question about Xcloud/Gamepass integration. I am not sure if this is exactly what Paul wanted to know but this is what I want to know:

If I already own an Xbox, with my physical library of games, when xcloud is released and integrated w/ my Gamepass subscription will I be able to use those games I already have physically or otherwise the same way they will work with xcloud? ie, since I have a game in my library will I now be able to play that game through xcloud on all my devices without having to pay more money again (save obv for the subscription to gamepass/xcloud).

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What Chris said on the show was that any game you purchase through your XCloud/Gamepass subscription should be available. I am guessing anything with physical media is out and anything bought through a third party is out. But those bought through your Microsoft account (after you have Gamepass/XCloud?) should be available.

That is what I understood, from what Chris said on the show.

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Thats sort of what I understood as well although I don’t think he really said it like that. He is a marketer so I don’t think he wanted to say “No, if you already own a game you’ll have to buy it again to use it in XCloud”

Nor did Paul ask that question outright. I agree I think that is the result I just wish both the question and the answer were more straightforward. Nobody wanted to look bad and it made for an ambiguous part of the show.

The problem is proving that you have bought the game, if it isn’t purchased through your Microsoft account.

I can’t imagine many gamers keep all the receipts for all the games they’ve bought - and how do they prove that they still have them and haven’t sold them on?

Always a joy to hear Chris Caposella on the last live WW of the year. It’s a kind of openness you don’t see with the other big tech companies (Google, Apple, etc) and there is a genuineness to his interactions that makes me believe he does this because he enjoys it and enjoys conversations with @MaryJo and @thurrott.

The only thing that would have made the episode truly complete is for @mikahsargent to have been in the conversation. His experience with Elvis and using Surface Laptop 3, especially coming from a largely Apple background, would have added that extra level to the conversation that I think Chris would have really benefited from.

As complaints go - that’s pretty low on the food chain. Restaurant quality conversation. Good stuff.


Interesting, Paul commenting about his FedEx driver being pissed about having to deliver so much stuff to him. Seems like delivering a truck full to one stop would be less work than delivering one package per stop. They can be happy they are not this person.

Totally agree about Chris Capossela: he comes across as very open and spontaneous, which is unusual for someone in such a senior post. I like how Microsoft are positioning themselves generally in contrast to the other big players. As you said, it was a very enjoyable conversation.


I just realised that the walls of Chris Capossela’s office are painted Windows 95 desktop teal! :joy:




Well if you somehow have a FedEx guy shoveling snow on your roof, then I would argue you should probably be worried about kidnapping charges :wink:

… and that poor person shoveling snow on the roof might very well like a FedEx delivery job.

By inserting them into their Xbox while logged into their account. PlayStation and Nintendo knows exactly every game I own.

:joy: :joy: (So funny! )

And in marketing too…

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I agree. Wow…that looks like a really sucky job.
Though I was a grave digger (by hand) once. Honest. I was the custodian for a small church cemetery when I was in high school. And someone died. So guess what? Start digging. Don’t remember the exact dimensions, but it’s not 6 feet down.

You need some kind of badge for that discovery. Hats off man. Well done.

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Have I missed the giveaways yet? Been to Paul’s site several times but I can’t find how to get registered? I see the post that says coming soon but no way to get registered

You need to join the site to be able to post on the proper thread to enter. To register for the site click LogIn and the click the link at the bottom of the resulting popup box:

The first draw is closed now, but was here: