WW 697: Think of the TikTok-ers

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For me, CloudPC would be totally unacceptable.

  • It runs on Microsoft servers in the cloud (GDPR forbids the storage outside of the EU without the same level of data protection, and the Privacy Shield has been destroyed due to lack of interest by the US Government to see cloud computing succeed. Also, they implemented the CLOUD Act, which makes using a European datacentre with ties to the US (i.e. owned by a US company or by a company with a US subsidiary) untenable.)
  • Company policy is all data behind our firewall, nothing stored in the cloud.
  • At home, I don’t want to subscribe to the operating system! I’m fine with subscribing to Office 365, if I can’t pay, I can still access my documents, which are all stored locally, what happens if I can’t pay / stop paying for CloudPC? With Windows (local), I can keep using it, as long as I can afford the electricity.
  • A lot of applications need direct access to local hardware peripherals and timing is critical, the delay to run the data out to the CloudPC and back is just too long (some PLCs provide information to the control software and need an answer back in less than 10ms, if it is going out to a cloud VM somewhere, it won’t even have arrived before the software needs to have delivered its answer!)

There are several other reasons that pop to mind, but there are a lot of legal reasons, currently, why this is untenable. Maybe, once Trump has gone and an anti-business xenophobe isn’t making decisions, the cloud might be a solution, but it will be tarred with this brush for a long time to come. If someone in power can, at a whim, make the use of your software and access to your data illegal, why would you do it?

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The detour about Windows tag lines had me laughing where do you want to go today. Leos line was gold