WW 670: Freeze Your Crumpets

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a “good father” would get his daughter what she needs and wants, not what he wants her to need or want

As far as I understood it, Zoom already has servers by AWS and Azure. The Oracle deal was extra capacity.

Either spreading the risk or oracle has spare capacity at the moment. We already know that Azure had capacity problems last month. Maybe they couldn’t provide as much capacity as quickly as Zoom needed it.

Oracle has been a bit player in the market so far, so this was a big win for them.

Paul talked about the ability to have multiple instances of Office apps running on iPad OS. I’m not seeing this except for Outlook. Am I missing something?

Evidently this feature is now available in the Office Insider versions of the Word and PowerPoint apps. Here’s the announcement from Microsoft’s Office Insider blog, with details on how to join and access the apps:

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At about 70 minutes on the podcast episode MJF says something about Teams only getting mobile consumer updates.

I know I’m not everyone, but this would piss me right off if MS did this. I hated my Android enough I literally got rid of my phone and my only ‘mobile’ device is a Surface Pro X. This means that I wouldn’t even be able to use the Consumer Teams features in an emulator, since all the emulators require
A) a Google account ( I deleted mine as one of my yay’s for getting rid of Android)
B) 64-bit and/or Hyper-visor x86_64 support
Surface Pro X can’t run an Android emulator, even if I wanted to create a new Google account and run the Teams Android app from my laptop.

I’ve already got the vast majority of my family using Teams, since I’ve got a business account personally and are able to invite people to teams I make as guests. I have been expecting this to be easier for everyone once the consumer features roll out, but it’s dead in the water for us as a family if it can’t be used on desktop the same as on mobile.

The mobile apps are already terribly gimped compared to the desktop app, so it would very much surprise me if MS didn’t support all the features on all the devices.

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