TWIT 782: Mainframes Not MaryJane

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The TikTok story is crazy. The EU court just ruled that US Safe Harbour is not sufficient because the US government can easily access user data and now Trump wants to stop “shipping” the same data to servers in China?
With regards to the anti trust hats, I need “Claiming back my time”.

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I don’t want this to be a total defense of the government, but I’m fascinated by all the talking heads that claim decisions made against China are Xenophobic or not based in reality. I wonder what the government knows that we don’t know and should’t know?

Which show did the TWiT Network come out against what China is doing with the Uighurs and other minorities? Seems like that should be mentioned when talking about Trump doing something bad…


Is everyone as afraid as the people on TWiT the freak out seeing crowd scenes on movies or a pre recorded concert?

I just don’t understand this… Like Corona is bad, people are dying and getting sick. But panicking over movie scenes? Wow

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Do you think they were serious? I don’t think they were.

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I sure hope they weren’t serious. But they continued to talk about kids having PTSD over this in the future and how therapists will see more and more kids who are afraid of crowds


That was on TWiT itself, when the incident with the forced app installation and spying on everybody entering and leaving the region was in the news.

Not just kids. A friend of my wife is pretty much housebound at the moment, because she cannot look at people with masks, she gets a panic attack when someone approaches her with a mask on. A lot of the facial mimicry is lost to the mask and she has trust issues.

She can’t travel on public transport (and doesn’t have a driving license) and she can’t go into shops. She is reliant on friends delivering what she needs to her front door and friends willing to transport her from A to B without a mask.

So, yes, I can see small children having problems with this going into the future. Whether that is full-on PTSD is another matter, but psychological problems, yes.


Thanks for the correction, I must have missed it. I always hear how much China is liked but must have missed this criticism

Excellent, as always. TWIT is a weekly necessity. Of note: RebellionPAC is live and I know of it because of your panel. Thank you!

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I fear for the future of our civilization! Where will we get the tough kids from to serve in the military and defend the nation if our kids are this soft and frightened over silly crap?? SMH