WW 688: Dead Cat Walking

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Leo the Duo and Fold are very different devices size wise.
Duo_ Folded: 93.3 x 145.2 x 9.9 mm. 250 grams
Fold_ Folded 68.0 x 159.2 x 16.8 mm. 282 grams

The Microsoft duo is not even trying to be one handed. 93.3 mm is 3.67 inches wide. That means it is larger than your thumb’s height and wider than most men’s hands let alone a women’s. This is one of the reason why you see in marketing where they do not call the Duo a phone even if it can phone for how you hold it will be different. Notice how Mary Jo Foley hold the phone in the last episode. Microsoft thinks you will hold the phone different via making it super thin so while it is large the weight distribution will be spread out and it will still be comfortably different if you hold it in a unique way.

The Samsung Fold 2 5G is the opposite extreme. Tall and Skinny where it is easily to use one handed as long as you do not need to touch the top of the screen for notifications or control. It is thick folded up though and we do not know if the changes will make it durable.

Yes they are both dual screens but how they operate in the hand will be different.

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I can’t imagine a better way to get Walking Cat more publicity than to pull a stupid stunt like this. Nice job, Twitter. BTW they’re supposedly back already, no telling if it’s legit tho - https://twitter.com/h0x0d?s=20

I’m a big fan of that wireless display feature. Back when meetings were a thing that happened in conference rooms I’d cast from my Surface Book to the conference room NUC pretty regularly. Great feature for that scenario, especially while the sales guys were fishing for dongles and cables.

Paul’s gotta let us know if the driver install fixed his ethernet too!

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The episode should have been called “Mary Jo the Tech Lady”. @MaryJo

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I had my fair share of fun with DisplayLink in Targus docks, drivers and firmware were always an issue on (the models with the USB 3.0 Type-A connector at least)

If it’s not the windows driver, it’s the order in which items are connected to the dock, or it’s the firmware.

caused me so many headaches, which have gone away since switching to Dell WD15 and WD19 docks

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Yes, I had “fun” with them as well. I actually had to switch away from Firefox for a while, because the DisplayLink drivers showed all text in Firefox as black bars, no individual letters, just black blocks for words… Firefox worked fine running on the internal screen, but the laptop spent 99% of its time attached to a 34" display.

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I work in finance (equity and capital markets) and I can tell you that very few M&A deals get announced on Friday’s. It is usually Monday. I bet a Tuesday after Labor Day is more likely for MSFT - TikTok

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Nothing happened Friday so we’ll be watching Tuesday @JerseyShore4!

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