Events 346: Microsoft's 2019 Surface Event

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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And linking this adjacent conversation: How did Microsoft do with released, and forward thinking, Tech? (Surface Neo and Duo)

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Just noting the typo in the title, in case someone wants to edit the database:

“Breaking News 346: Microsoft’s 2019 Surface Evenrt” << Evenrt is mispelled

Or using Microsoftology, with my special decoder ring, maybe it was intentional. Evenrt. Even-RT. Clearly there is a new Surface RT in the works…


I heard him describing the Microsoft Surface Duo as having a 365 degree hinge…is that possible?
It can actually swing into a “duo dimension” in which we did not know existed.

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Got a real kick out of @mikahsargent and @ant_pruitt being “tricked” by one-more-one-more thing.


Under pressure to offer something “different” It looks to me like Microsoft is trying to sell one of those “toaster-refrigerators“ Apple’s Tim Cook warned against. A solution in search of a problem.

Maybe. I can’t see a use case for me, however a lot of people who are cleverer than me couldn’t see a use case for phones with screens greater than 5”, and now they’re universal. Which I think illustrates that if you’re a hardware manufacturer sometimes you have to just launch a new idea and see if people take to it - market research can be misleading for something that’s radically new.