WW 687: Duo FOMO

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I’m confused. The TikTok subject was in the title and the notes, but I don’t remember hearing it. Did I miss it?

Yeah, I listened again, any particular reason you guys skipped over the TikTok segment. Leo asked about it and Paul said “skip it.”

Just curious why that was passed over and still put in the title/description.

No big deal, can always talk about it next week if something went wrong.


The Windows update requirement makes me very glad that I am running the LTSC branch it is stable for 10 years, no Cortana and no windows store. MS really discourages using it but places that I have convinced to use it have all been very happy over the years. Places that don’t still struggle with updating and testing all the versions and updates.

I even supported a software contract using VS 2019 and we had no issues with LTSC.

Those clips of the MS guys dancing on stage for the Win 95 launch :rofl:… trying to think of the best music to dub over it.

I’m sure it’s not Baby Shark or The Duck Song despite how funny that could be :smiley:

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Too bad the Duo is a half baked, overpriced POS!! If the Duo had a top of the line cpu, a great camera, NFC, Wireless charging and was not too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet I would buy one! When I first saw the demo’s I loved the dual screen-ness, the way it flows between screens etc was top notch I and thought I would buy one. When I saw the specs - nah! No NFC or wireless charging is a non starter for me, especially at the huge price - maybe V2

Just joined the community. Listened to Duo review, thanks for the info. Just wanted to point out when the conversation moved to the evils of what’s happening on Facebook, did anyone in this group think about the evils by IBM as they helped the Natzis!

Sigh. I just printed out the RMA mailing label. I so very rarely return products, but I just can’t justify $1500 for this device. It’s beautiful, but it’s no daily carry.


It is SO much money for a very unproven concept. Thanks for giving a shot so I don’t have to!

Leo, thank you for trying the device. Like you, when it was announced I was very intrigued by it. But when the price was announced, I realized I wasn’t going to be getting one. Add in all of the minuses you’ve discussed, it’s not ready yet. But, I think its a good start and wish the design of the device success.

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I look forward to buying the Duo 2. Meanwhile I’ve ordered the Galaxy Z Fold 2 - it arrives in one week.


I figured this was coming!!! :joy: