WW 657: Bingjacked

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Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right.
— Judges 12:6

(cf. 1h:43m)

I will have to watch. I was Yahoojacked recently. Wonder if its the same thing. (Malware changed my search engine from Google to Yahoo!)

Now that Microsoft has changed the requirement for using a custom domain from Outlook Premium ($19/year) to Office 365 ($69/year for Personal), I wonder whether in a year or two they’ll change it again and just say you a business subscription that includes Exchange, such as Business Essentials ($5/user/month for web apps) or Business Premium ($12.50/user/month). With that in mind, are there regular deals for Business Premium the way there are for Office 365 Home? I’ve been able to get Home subscriptions for very cheap the last few years and stack them.


I bought an Office 365 Home subscription of Amazon yesterday for 59€, including the 19% German sales tax.

I keep thinking about getting a “proper” Office 365 for the family, but I know they’d never use half the features.


Yeah, that seems like overkill. Beyond adding Exchange what would be in the “proper” version that you would like? Admin tools? Just curious. Actually, I did briefly have this thought that when my kids get older I could use Intune and give them managed devices, but that is going a little nuts :upside_down_face:


Teams, Sharepoint, properly shareable OneDrive…


I tried InTune, as it is part of our Microsoft 365 package at work… I wasn’t very impressed.

I pushed out InTune to my Android device. Accepted the new policy. Then I thought, hmm, what will most users do after they have received the app? Hmm, deinstall it? 10 seconds later, my Android phone was completely free of InTune and I could no longer remotely monitor it or remotely delete it. Completely useless!

I checked the MS forums and the ability to not let users uninstall the app is one of the most requested features from admins for about 4 years. :roll_eyes: :disappointed:

MobileIron looks better suited.