Windows Event Roll Call

I know we have all seen the many leaks already but who will be streaming the event? Or will anyone actually be attending (how do I get one of THOSE invites?)?

Very excited. Starts at 3AM here so I’ll be going to bed early tonight with my credit card at the ready. I’m ready to upgrade my machine.

Anyone else ready for some new Surface gear? Any thoughts or criticisms?


TWiT will be streaming coverage of Microsoft’s Surface event Wednesday starting at 7a Pacific/10a Eastern/3am your time. I’m off to Boston so @ant_pruitt and @mikahsargent will anchor.

Thursday at 1p Pacific/4p Eastern, Paul and Mary Jo will host a special Windows Weekly. They’ll be at the event tomorrow and will give us their take on all the new hardware.


Looking forward to the teams coverage, and of course Paul and MJs take!

I’ve got my eye set on the AMD spec’d out Laptop however maybe I should wait for WW to pull the trigger.

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I told the team to buy the two-screen device if they announce it. I’ll take a look at the laptop. But I’m not a big Surface fan. I prefer Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The new HP Spectre looks amazing.


I almost pulled the trigger on the latest X1 Carbon but I’ve held off until this event to compare.

I have a T420 that is still chugging along like a champion however my main machine, the Surface Pro 5th gen is lagging with all the new work I’ve been doing ( VM, development ) and bc I’m graduating next semester I decided I have earned an upgrade.

I really love my Surface so I’m still unsure of what to get.

My first-gen X1 Extreme got snarfed up by the new bookkeeper, so I’m ready to get a new high end laptop. I was a little disappointed with the battery life, frankly. Still have my T470s running Pop_OS and it’s swell but it lives on the dock.

I do love me some Thinkpads.

Yes! I can’t wait for new Surface devices…! I currently own the Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop (Gen 1 in burgundy), Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go. (Huge Surface fan here, obv!) I’m looking forward to the coverage and I’ll have my eyes peeled for sure! Thanks for the coverage and a huge thanks to Paul & Mary-Jo, too. Looking forward to hearing more about Windows 10X.

Also, Brad’s take:



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Would love a new Surface device specifically for work. I have an old work provided HP that doesn’t have HDMI out which makes it awkward when trying to present and hunt for a VGA connection. Lame

Would love a touch device and a cool surface

Both the X and the Neo are very interesting. I’ll probably get the X for review.

Wow. And a dual screen phone. I did not expect that.


I can’t wait for the Neo. Would love it for customer meetings and note taking.
Since my demos are in the cloud, I could aslo show my demo from the device itself. Makes my work bag so much lighter.

Assuming everything works as the video shows

Microsoft making a Android device. Huh. Neo could be a killer device.


I’ve been interested in a dual-screen mobile device since the Courier. Too bad they are only coming out end of next year. Now if we can only get a scroll…

Here’s the summary:


Surface laptop 15’’ = YES.

Surface Pro 7 = Slightly less of a Yes, but yes. I’d be curious to how well the the stylus/pen would work. It looks like it would be awesome in Photoshop.

Neo = yes. Duo = no.

I missed the live coverage by Mikah and Ant, so will catch the re-run. (A guy’s gotta sleep sometime :wink: )


Agreed, the Neo seems like an amazing “business” device for me. I picture myself walking into a customer meeting and taking notes (writing on this device) and then going from there to showing more information.

Oh you want a demo… Launch the web browser and go to town… I need to remote desktop to something? Have that to get into a jump server or something.

And now my work bag gets lighter and lighter. MifI + a type of device like this is all I need.

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Very exciting stuff! Really pleased to see Microsoft go all in with Android, I’m willing to bet with a big push for development over the next year this device can be something really great. I’m all about integration between Windows and Android. That said, first gen is usually not my thing.

The earbuds look absolutely ridiculous. The tech inside of them sounds a lot like what Google has, speech to text, translate etc which is an obvious step and a really cool one but my goodness. I audibly sighed when I saw them in my opinion a serious misstep in design. They look even more silly than the Airpods do.

Interested to read more on how exactly AI is integrated into the Surface X chip. Beautiful looking device and if the battery and portability are up to the standards they presented I think it’ll be a good addition to the Surface line with a needed role to fill. Again, first gen makes me weary especially with a CPU designed specifically for this device we have not seen before.

No thunderbolt 3, right? Unless I missed something. Surface 7 and Laptop look like good upgrades I can get behind without much fear of any flaws of a first gen machine. Solid updates. Pricing out the 15 inch as we speak.

Biggest takeaway that makes me most excited is Android/Windows collaboration and the development community involvement to make that phone something really special.

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The cool stuff won’t come until Christmas 2020, that’s forever from now


Agreed! Though the plus side is I won’t be impulse buying anything - well, not from Microsoft, anyway.

Pulled the trigger on the Laptop 3. I got the maxed out AMD version, platinum, but went with the 256GB because it’s removable, if I need more I can upgrade. Also that’s what I have right now and I’ve never had an issue with space because of the cloud!

Super excited for it to come in.