WW 661: Tastes Like Wine

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Everybody is down on live tiles, and the whole tiled interface that was born in Windows 8. But it really shined on Surface devices when using them as tablets with tablet mode enabled. I use it to this day on my Surface Book.

I wish more people gave tablet mode a chance. And I blame Microsoft for not highlighting it more. Painful to see folks using Windows touch devices in desktop mode (looking at you @Leo with that nice big Surface Studio/Lenovo AIO) .


I hate unnecessary animation, so the blinking, winking and flipping live tiles would drive me crazy. I remove all tiles from Start when I configure a new machine, uninstall everything from MS that I can (because I don’t use any of the useless bundled/pack-in apps like Groove or Weather) and then just add a few. But TBH, most of my important apps are pinned to the tray and I rarely bring up Start anyway.

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I really want the Duo but not sure if it will be a one and done device? I’ve fallen for this type of thing before and stuck with a device that doesn’t get much support and doesn’t get a v 2.

But should we all buy the Duo so there is a v2?

I think both Paul and @MaryJo capture my thoughts on the Duo. Like is it temp? Or should I go buy it…

What’s that saying that @Leo and others have said “Buy it for what it is, not for what you hope it might one day become”. If you want it for what it is on debut day, and you can afford the cost, then why not indulge yourself. If you’re hoping it will become something extra special, later, then I’d encourage you to wait until that does or does not happen. It shouldn’t really be FOMO… it’s more can it help you have a better life today (where today is the day you can actually acquire it.).

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I think it’s the second week Paul has brought this up, wanted to give my 2 cents as a developer.
He was referring to Google Docs not working correctly when using some other Chromium browsers, like Vivaldi and how it was doing the same with CrEdge. Websites often use the user agent string to determine what browser they’re using to handle compatibility. HTML5 solved a lot of those issues, but it’s still a thing. So the browser’s going to look for Chrome to do some Chrome-specific things, then maybe Firefox to do something their way, and so on, until it can’t find something and fails gracefully (maybe disabling the feature). That’s normal.
But if you’re monitoring your users, hopefully you’ll log the user agent and eventually notice a large uptick in something new and update the site to accommodate it. It’s not some conspiracy by Google. Jeesh.