Windows 11 virtual desktops and Alt Tab

I overheard something @Leo was frustrated with on his new Dell this weekend. I’ve had the same issue moving from Mac to Windows recently.

Is there any way to get Alt Tab to behave as cmd Tab does on macOS when using Spaces/virtual desktops?

On a mac it shows every open app across all the spaces, so you can quickly switch to any app. On Windows it only shows the apps in your current virtual desktop :-1:t2:

Have you tried Win+Tab? I don’t use the virtual desktop feature so I’m not sure if it will work the same way or not.


Yeah, Win Tab is more useful than Alt Tab as it gives you the virtual desktop overview, the same as swiping up 4 fingers on the trackpad. But I used to like the simplicity of cmd Tabbing between all my open apps.

I’ve just found the setting! I’m sure it wasn’t there before :thinking: