How does "Spaces" (virtual desktops) work on a dual screen Mac?

How does “Spaces” (virtual desktops) work on a dual screen Mac? Does each monitor have it’s own set of Spaces, where monitor 1 can have desktop 1 2 3…, and monitor 2 can have desktop 4 5 6… and switch each monitors Spaces independently? Or are both monitors considered 1 desktop and you have Spaces 1 2 3… that can only be switched concurrently?

Or does Spaces even work on secondary monitors?

It does work on dual monitors, and each monitor has its own set of multiple spaces. I use that all the time.

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Thank you! I’m thinking of getting a dual screen KVM switch to use the two monitors on my work computer at home to extend my 2015 MBP desktop.

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Let me know how what you decide about a dual monitor KVM and how well it works. I’m in a similar situation (Windows though). I currently have work laptop and my main computer connected to two monitors, using each monitor’s input selection to switch. My mouse and webcam are plugged into my keyboard’s built-in USB hub so I just disconnect my keyboard from machine and connect to the other. It can be a little tiresome doing that.

Work laptop’s VPN cuts the machine off from the rest of the network, otherwise I would have just used remote desktop.