Multiple Spaces using the same app

I want to be able to set up multiple spaces/desktop layouts (e.g. personal, work,etc) but also use that same apps in each space. If I use Spaces, an app can only be used in one Space. I don’t want to create a duplicate user account since that would seem like overkill and take up a lot of space on my drive and a duplication of setting which won’t sync if I change one.

Is there an application that does this?



If you right click on the application icon in the tray and select Options->Show on all desktops, the app will show up on all of them.

I think the only options are 1 or all, I haven’t found a way to put it on “work” & “personal”, but not “meeting”, for example, but I don’t use Spaces as a general rule, so had to create a new spaces to test it.

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If I use Spaces, an app can only be used in one Space.

But you can open a new app window and have that in a different space. Safari for example, you can have two separate windows, with their own tabs, in separate spaces.

Someone asked the same question here. Says macOS uses the Bundle ID to differentiate between apps, so you can get around how Spaces works by creating a copy of an app with a different ID. Sounds messy.

macos - Assign Application Windows to Different Spaces/Desktops - Ask Different (

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I think after a bit of “brainstorming” with AI (several back and forth questions and then doing a search on alternative apps it was suggesting), I’ve think I found the solution.

I found an app called Moom. It allows me to take a “snapshot” of where all my app windows are located. So I did one for work and one for personal. I can then select each snapshot from the menu bar or a shortcut key.

Just what I needed. I then made a routine to open all the apps I want to open and assign that to a key. So when I log into my Mac, I hit the shortcut key to bring up my apps and then the shortcut key for the layout I want!