Windows Taskbar size question

Am I the only one here that makes the Windows 10 taskbar 2x high? (basically, I drag it upwards and raise it 1 level - hence doubling it in height from the default). I like being able to see more tabs that are open than you get to on the tiny, default taskbar.

I used to do that but now that you can change the icons to a smaller size, combine when full and also use peek, I’ve not found the need any more.

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I go the opposite way, I enable “Use small taskbar buttons” to shrink it even more. I want to stuff as many tabs in there as possible. I think large UI elements like that are a waste of screen space on desktop.

My dad has his taskbar expanded to cover half the screen on his Windows tablet. I don’t think that’s entirely intentional though…


Here’s mine (screen capped and downsized to 1024 from 1920)

Just icons and grouped icons. Most of them are pinned so I know where they will be and they don’t jump around when other apps are open.

I do something like that on Chrome OS. But in Windows, I don’t pin that many things.

Thinking different dimensions: is there a way to adjust the width of the taskbar to e.g. half or a third of the desktop width? Trying to make 5120 pixel horizontal resolution work better…

I don’t know how customizable the StarDock apps are, maybe see if they have something you like?
or one of these three?

Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll take a closer look at them.

I have a 3840 wide screen at home, so only a single bar with my main applications pinned.

(Powershell, Firefox, Windows Explorer, Office in “OWN XP” order, Capture One and HyperV)

Work is similar, but with Notepad++, TeamViewer Manager, mRemogteNG and CTI software instead of Capture One.

OWNXP - Outlook, Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. I like irony.

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