Windows 11 can be made to run where it shouldn't (but should you?)

I tried this tool which I learned about from bleeping computers Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions from 1507 to 21H1 with business (Enterprise) edition support · GitHub and downloaded a Windows 11 ISO with a workaround embedded to disable the checks for necessary hardware. I then successfully installed it into a VirtualBox virtual machine running on a 4th Gen Intel host with no difficulties.

It’s unclear what, if any, downsides could arise from doing this, but I do think it’s useful for making virtual machines.

The problem is, MS have stated that it won’t get updates, including security fixes on unsupported hardware, specifically, also, in VirtualBox. HyperV and VMware VMs (Parallels as well?) should be okay, as they emulate the required TPM 2.0 module.

Did they actually state this? I recall a discussion on WW recently of the wording of this statement being pretty vague. MS were saying something more like “systems may not be eligible for some updates” or something to that effect.

After the show, there was another blog post, I believe, where it was specifically stated that VMs without TPM 2.0 support would not be supported and unsupported installations won’t get updates.


It looks even worse, you still need TPM 2.0 on the host, the VMs (HyperV, VMware, QEMU and Parallels) to use TPM passthru, although it looks like VMware Workstation can also emulate TPM 2.0, I don’t know about the others.

As a tip, VMware Workstation is free for private use, you only need to purchase a license for commercial use.


That article is what got me started into the experimentation with that tool. (I was originally looking for info on what VirtualBox’s plan was for TPM and SecureBoot.) I found another article that claimed Oracle/VirtualBox were working on two options simultaneously. One was pass-through and the other was an actual TPM emulation. I don’t know how authoritative that article was, but it left me with the impression it would be VirtualBox 7.0 that would “properly” support Windows 11.