WW 731: Gravity of Chill

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Gosh. Days too late, we get a partial explanation, but it’s still too confusing.

How much more protected is Windows 11? How much weaker are older?

A smudge of consumer data … gosh, how much agony could have prevented.

I doubt the security improvements can be quantified in percentages (Windows 11 is 50% more secure than Windows 10, for example). But I think that requiring TPM 2.0 and SecureBoot, instead of making them optional for some systems, can only improve things.

For me - I’m reminded of the Vista debacle. Microsoft set a higher bar for Vista machines, and then got a ton of pushback from OEMS. Because of that, they lowered the requirements for determining whether a machine could run Vista - and anyone following technology at the time knows what happened then. I want Microsoft to be flexible - but I don’t want them to lower or change requirement just because people are screaming. My personal guess is that they are examining how flexible they can be in the Windows 11 requirements and still achieve their goals.