Wildfires in Sonoma County

The Kincade Fire looks horrific, and I can see that mandatory evacuations are getting near to Santa Rosa. Sounds like the next 24 hours are going to be very tough for some of Sonoma County. Saw a mention that 75 extra fire engines are on the way from Oregon. Hope that everyone in the TWiT family remains safe and as little affected by the crisis as possible.

(Edit) Map showing current evacuation zones:


Yes, I just checked the fire map and the fire in Sonoma County is not far from Petaluma. This fire is no where near being contained. I understand large animals are being evacuated now from below the fire line area.

I’m sending all my good wishes to the TWIT gang, Leo and Lisa. :heart::heart::heart:


Let us know if the community can do anything for you guys. This wildfire looks appalling from Pennsylvania, can’t imagine what it must be like when it’s staring you in the face… Stay safe, you’re in everyone’s thoughts.


National Weather Service High Wind Warning for North Bay Mountains has just been downgraded to an Advisory with lower winds, although gusting to 55mph is still possible. May give the firefighters a chance to get more of the Kincade Fire under control.

(Update) Sigh. PG&E have warned that winds are returning Tuesday thru Wednesday, so power shutoffs are expected again, and there will be new challenges for the firefighters from those winds too.

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Lord have mercy on all of the folks in the area of the Kincade fire!!

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65% containment as of today 19:00 pacific. The emergency team is gettin’ it done, folks. ((salute))


I’ll keep my thumbs pressed (the German equivalent of crossing fingers*) that they get it under control and everybody is safe!

  • Crossing your fingers in German means you are lying.

wait… so do you press your two thumbs against each other? or against your index finger? or a table? so many questions


You make a fist with your fingers, but instead of laying your thumb along the underside of your fingers, you make the fist around your thumb and push it against the joints between hand and fingers.