Stay safe first


@leo The only thing that matters is the safety of you, your family, TWIT staff, and everyone in your area. Stay safe, get out if you have to, and let us all know how you’re doing when you get the chance. :v:


Whats going on? Context please?

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Baker Mayfield wished they would have cut the power off last night :slight_smile:

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You’ll have to forgive a social media novice. There was no “reply” button on the “announcement”, so I made do.

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I guess there was no “Reply” button because the topic was probably locked. However, when I checked just now, there was one. My guess is that @Leo unlocked it when he updated the title from “may” to “will”. I don’t know if it’s intentionally still unlocked but he may want to re-lock it if he doesn’t want to start getting responses in there.

Meantime I’ll second the call to stay safe, that’s all that matters. Hoping that everyone will have nothing worse than inconvenience from this.

Longer term, I get the feeling this is a situation that is going to recur, given the climate and the immense amount of work needed to diminish the risk. I was thinking it might be worth seeing if there’s anyone in the SF urban area who has a pro-level podcasting setup who could help out when events like this happen. Even if it means everyone having to drive down to the Bay area to record, and being limited to audio-only for a few days, it might be an alternative to being off the air if this looks like being a regular occurrence at this time of year.