Why are only the 10 latest episodes available in the RSS feed?


Is there any particular reason for the feeds only containing the 10 latest episodes? I get that the demand for older episodes of news-related shows like TWiT probably isn’t that huge, but I would really like to see all the episodes of, for example, FLOSS Weekly in the feed.

I know that they’re available on the website, but as I mostly listen on-the-go, I’d prefer to have them in Pocketcasts.

Thank you for all the great shows.

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It’s part convention part practicality.

If we put all the shows in the podcast feed the file would be hundreds of megabytes. We would be paying huge bandwidth bills just for the RSS.

Every podcast client checks the feed multiple times a day. In some cases multiple times an hour. Each “check” is a full download of the RSS file. That’s hard on us and that’s hard on your bandwidth.

RSS feeds never have every article or podcast on a site. The idea is to have the most recent content. I figured that 10 weeks of shows is plenty.

Every show ever is available on the web site. There’s no point in putting them all into the feed.


Makes sense. I’ve just gotten so used to podcasts having all the episodes in the feed, so I thought I’d ask now when I have a place to do so.

Anyways, thank you for your answer.

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If I subscribe to a new show in Pocket Casts it will immediately start downloading everything in the list.

I missed this once, and downloaded about 150 podcasts (fortunately on WiFi) now, I check, and if the list is long I immediately archive everything and manually pick the episodes I want.

Just did this with IOS Today, archived everything, and selected the last two shows for download.

Big lists can be a menace for the user, as well as the problems @Leo mentioned above.


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It automatically downloads every available episode? That has to be a setting you can disable (unless you want that to happen, of course).

That’s a setting you can turn off: go to Profile->Settings->Autodownloads.