What happened to the SD downloads?

Noticed the SD downloads are missing from the website. Is this a temporary thing? I regularly download them to my phone/tablet for offline viewing and the non-HD formats save on space.

And thanks for working on the Roku app, that was my second preferred way to view. Have Plex app setup in the meantime…

SD (low) episodes were deprecated this past summer.

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Ugh…that sucks. Jumping from ~250mb/episode to over 1GB/an episode is a bit much with mobile bandwidth caps and cheaper devices with limited storage. Must’ve missed the change when everything was locked down and was watching mostly on the Roku.

Here is a link: https://twit.tv/posts/inside-twit/video-feeds-be-consolidated-all-twittv-podcasts-updated

This was also discussed on these forums at the time.


Guess I’ll be “watching” less TWiT then and going to audio when I’m not at home. Found the other posts back in July about this after searching for the term feeds consolidated, thanks for the heads up AaronK.

For the record the Video-LO looked fine on a phone screen. I could see the reasoning behind getting rid of the middle quality level. Being rural, I only have a 5/1 Mbps WISP connection. Heck, I even cap my Netflix quality level to medium using their settings so the family can use more than one screen when needed.

Anyone have a recommendation on a YouTube downloader that can still pull low quality video? I just tried a HD download and it took close to 30 minutes for last week’s TWiT episode.

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