Which Shows do you Watch Video vs. Audio?

How does everyone typically watch? Do you prefer audio or video? Are there some shows you recommend watching the video version over just listening?

I typically prefer audio and was listening to all the TWiT shows that way, but I felt like I was missing out sometimes. I like being able to walk around and do things while I listen (lots of things require my eyes but not my ears or brain).

For me, iOS Today and, increasingly, All About Android have become ‘must-watch’. Also the new Hands on Photography.

How about everyone else? Which do you prefer and which are your ‘must-watch’ vs listen?

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I download all my TWiT shows in video but listen to probably 90% of them. When something catches my attention I’ll watch. I feel like I’m missing something when I’m listening and cant turn on the screen to watch it.


If a podcast has video I subscribe to the video on my iPad to watch it. If it’s audio only, I subscribe on my phone.

I also always download the shows with video. I almost alway listen at work so I have the video small and in the background. Then then something sounds interesting I bring the window forward.

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All audio no video…

I usually listen driving to work, so mostly audio. Sometimes I will watch video at home, but for TWiT and Security Now, video is not really needed.

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I watch live, stream the replay, or catch the show on YouTube.


Back in the day before I worked for TWiT and when I had a long commute to Monster .com’s Maynard, MA headquarters, I’d listen to the previous day’s TNT on the way to work. (I hadn’t missed a single episode until about 2 years in when I ended up being about a week behind after going to Dragon Con.)

After lunch, when shows started in Petaluma, I’d keep the live video stream open in a window and have headphones on (when I wasn’t being pulled into countless meetings) so that I could listen while I worked. I’d have a video stream playing so that I could look at what was going on if I wanted to. (…and then they blocked Justin TV, Ustream, and Bitgravity at work, so I would stream on my phone over my unlimited data plan instead.) I liked watching the live stream so I could see the studio and see what was going on between shows. Spying on people who would end up being future co-workers! :wink:

On the way home, I’d listen to whatever show was live that night. If nothing, then I’d tune into WBZ Newsradio 1030. After getting home, the only show I’d watch from there was the live NSFW stream.
Occasionally, I’d check out some Revision3 shows as they came out too. (Watching video only.) Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show, and Scam School were my regular shows.


I’m all video, but mostly because I’m not typically in situations where I can’t have the video playing. I don’t have a commute, and I work with computers for a living so there’s always an internet connected display nearby.

I honestly think the video enhances all shows. You’ll always be missing at least a small part of the magic with audio only.

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I subscribe to all of my favs audio only on my iPhone. I typically listen in bed to most shows, or when I’m on a long drive to and from my weekly tai chi class. It usually takes me a whole week to listen to all of them, but I also subscribe to rowing, opera, sports science podcasts, too. Then during the week, I’ll watch an episode here or there, sometimes live, sometimes not. My absolute favorite to watch is MacBreak Weekly because I love everyone on the show. I’m also loving iOS Today because Mikah and Leo have great, fun rapport, kind of like old days with Sarah Lane. I very much enjoyed the first Hands On Photography video and will watch all of them.

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I usually watch iOS Today with video. I try to watch Tech Guy live (video) but will listen to audio on my way to work if I couldn’t catch it. I will tend to listen to TWiG on the way to work or before I go to bed.

I usually listen to the audio on my commute to and from work. Occasionally, when there is something highly visual I will then switch over to the video (not whilst driving!) to see what all the fuss was about. I work in a school I often put the video versions, or depending on my mood, ITProTV, on during the holiday’s when it’s just me and the site staff in the building and I’m not going to be interrupted.

I only watch video, since I’m only checking out TWiT shows while working at my desk. I typically have it open on a secondary monitor. AAA, TWiT, and TWiG are fairly visual (at least for me). For WW and SN, I can generally do audio only (ignore the video window, or hide it behind another app if necessary).

I listen almost 95% of time since I do a lot of driving and use a Bluetooth ear bud while walking around. But am seeing that all the Hands On shows are must watch.

100% video. Mostly live.

I did watch AAA the other day for their Pixel 4 reviews, that show tends to have lots of visuals so video is the preferred method.

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I loved using the TWIT app on my iPhone, it was great to be able to switch to video if there was something to see. Alas, with iOS 13 that app seems no more.

I only subscribe to the video version of Hands-On Tech and Hands-On Photography, and just video for the rest. I usually listen when I’m doing other things, so video isn’t really an option most of the time.

Because I used to have a phone with more limited storage, I was picky about which shows I grabbed in video vs audio only. If a show rarely needed video, it was an audio only. I’ve not changed any settings since though I may go to video for AAA.
Mac break
iOS Today
TWIT news specials
Hands on Photography

AAA(which I’m changing to video)
The Tech Guy
This Week in Computer Hardware
Windows Weekly

I think that’s the whole list?

Video: Hands on Photography
Audio: Everything else