What's in focus, stays in focus, including Jeff's Bookcases, but not JEFF

Are we so scared that Jeff will blow up when once more?
We have to request he put the camera focus so it shows
him instead of his background?!??
You all can’t be so unoffending to let him look so stupid for all
of 2019, and now, look, it’s 2020 and he is as blurry as if the cam was behind a fish bowl, but his far wall is as always, CRYSTAL CLEAR !
Don’t monkey with his exposure, contrast, brightness or gamma.
Set his camera to focus on him, not them, him.
He’s dense, he’s reactive, he’s strange.
If you can’t figure out how to coax the focus then fly out there and set it yourselves.
Let’s give him back his dignity, he’s old enough to qualify
as dignified gentleman.
Thank You for the forum, ain’t it great to hear about these things ?

most of the time, if anything, his white balance is wonky. I’ve not noticed focus issues with his camera. Thanks for the feedback. The squad will keep an eye on it, I’m sure.

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