C’mon Jeff - a little objectivity would be nice

Jeff, please attempt at least a modicum of objectivity!! “Far right wing bozos and Russians misuse this stuff“ My question is, don’t the left wing bozos misuse the internet also???


First, I don’t think this forum is the best place to get into a left/right debate.

Second, Jeff is always like this. I’ve seen so many complaints about him and his views. The answer is no - he is not going to change. If you really don’t like it, I’d suggest finding a show he is not on to listen to. TWiT is not a news network, nobody is required to be objective.


With all due respect Philip, I’m pretty sure this forum is the perfect place for a civil debate on objectivity and the comments made on our favorite shows on TWiT


I disagree. Civil debate, sure. But this thread topic is begging for incivility. It’s an extremely hot topic and in my opinion gets in the way of most good tech discussion.

I agree that it’s brought up on the shows occasionally and especially colorfully by Jeff however Leo almost always instantly changes the subject, he almost never allows Political topics to continue and get heated. He will almost always steer the conversation back to the tech topic at hand I think because he knows that’s a rabbit hole these shows shouldn’t go down. It takes away from the topic at hand.

I just don’t think this is a good place for it.

And speaking of Jeff specifically. He ain’t gunna change and ain’t gunna give you any objectivity. That’s okay with me.


Well, even absent any input from Jeff, at least we can have a discussion

Computeforloot I agree with godfrey. Let’s move on. We have more important stuff to spend our time on.


I appreciate your view, but I don’t share it! I feel justified in asking Jeff this question. True facts and objectivity are extremely valuable in TWiT discussions and the TWiT community is a great place to ask for clarification

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Have to agree with godfrey on this one. The very concept of a Right/Left “debate” is engineered to
stall any meaningful discourse and force us apart. Ben Hunt over at his Epsilon Theory blog has pretty well summarized this - https://www.epsilontheory.com/tag/widening-gyre/ which I recommend to any and all give a read.


Computeforloot obviously you have an ax to grind. I’m suggesting this is not the place for you to do it.

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Superoo, not sure where you get that idea, projecting perhaps?? I heard a comment on one of my favorite TWiT shows and I would like clarification from that person. That’s what this community is all about

Wait a second…which part is bothersome the “far right” or Russian part?

In my opinion your OP is not really asking for clarification. It’s a whataboutism. You took notice of something Jeff said about the right and said “but what about the left”. It’s a nonsense argument with zero substance behind it. So that makes this thread look like bait to start a leftvright conversation.

which is not productive and unrelated to tech. If you had asked a more substantive question regarding commentary on the show and that includes how the topic or technology is related to politics it would have been a different story. However the topic, in my opinion, just says “Jeff is not objective, what about the left!” Which isn’t getting anyone anywhere.


Hell I’m hooked now, I want to know the examples of the left wing bozos misusing the internet.

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In case anyone is interested (unlikely, I know), there’s actually been some very good research done on who is using online platforms to manipulate and spread disinformation. One exhaustive example:

Andrew Marantz’s new book Anti-social also tackles this issue.

Sidenote: Data & Society’s Joan Donovan (former project lead on media manipulation) has been a guest on several TWiT shows, so I do think this is a fair/legit topic for this forum.


I’d bet you and I have a lot in common. Age. “Left/Right” spectrum. I have to agree with @godfrey, though. Your post looks a lot like “trolling” and that usually leads to an ugly scene.

It took me a long time to watch TWiG on a regular basis because of Jeff’s (and Leo’s) comments similar to what you mention.

Jeff is pretty public. If what he says really bugs you, contact him directly. He’s on Twitter. I haven’t seem him here.

I’d stand behind you on this if the objectivity had more to do with tech (like Mac v PC) than politics.

If you feel the need to bring up Jeff’s left leaning comments you are going to be doing that for every show he’s on and many other TWiT shows as well.


Oh No! @baldycanuck lost his emoji.

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2 most dangerous discussion topics for me are politics an religion. It’s wery hard to discuss them with objective mind.


Come on people, left vs right is nothing… let’s “discuss” best OSes, or best keyboards, or best text editor, or best genre of video game, or …
(tongue firmly in cheek)
Unfortunately, there is no accounting for taste and I’d prefer we keep this place free from flame wars… I’ve grown to like many of you anonymous strangers and I don’t want you not showing up here in the future because this place became unfriendly for you. Let’s all try and see the best in each other, and leave Twitter to be Twitter. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


I did just that, left/right debate is OK but not when it gets in the way of the supposed purpose of the show

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