What's A Good USB Headset

I’m starting college in a couple of weeks. I’m wondering what would be a good USB headset for lectures and gaming. My budget is $80 CAD.

We are currently using Jabra 20 or 40 headsets at work. Due to the current situation, deliveries of headsets can take a while - I ordered 20 headsets in 2 batches this week and the first batch, ordered on Tuesday had not been dispatched by Amazon yet.

I’d get my order in quickly.

We use Jabra DECT headsets with our telephones and they are generally very good, so we went with the Jabra 20 SE USB and Jabra 40 MS USB (the MS means that they are certified for Skype for Business use.


You’ll be able to get a decent headset for that, but it probably won’t be the best. I’d look at Jabra or Plantronics. I’ve also been happy with Logitech.
Just keep big_D’s advice in mind. Things like webcams and headsets are commodity items right now.

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Plantronics headsets tend to be more expensive than that. At this point I have the Razer Electra V2 on order should I order the Jabra instead?

I’ve never heard of the Razer.
I’ve always bought Logitech myself. Nowadays, I use a Jabra speakerphone unit. When I don’t use that, I use my Bose QC headphones. But, I’m not a gamer.
Decent gamer headsets can be costly.

This is not in your pricing request, but I find you need a good mic more than anything, so I use Blue Yeti as a USB microphone and plug in a pair of HyperX Cloud headphones into it. The headphones are analog, but I like them, they’re sturdy and they’re pretty comfortable to wear for a good duration. They have a removable analog microphone, but I have never used it, because it can’t compare to the quality of the Yeti. Also, this is for a stationary configuration, at a desk… the Yeti is way too heavy and the headphones way too bulky for a portable situation. As anything, opinions are like… well you know the rest… and your mileage will certainly vary.

I agree. I’ll be getting a mic at some point. Just don’t have the money right now. But I’d most likely be getting the AT 2020

Do you have the means to interface it with a computer? That appears to be an XLR microphone requiring 48V phantom power… it’s needs to be plugged into pro level hardware to interface to a computer.

Might be an idea to look at the ATR2100-USB as well if considering a separate mic - that’s a very well-regarded dynamic unit with both USB and XLR outputs and a headphone socket + volume control at a very competitive price.

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Just an update, after 3 weeks, they were still undeliverable. We switched to Calleez, a Chinese no-name product and they turned up after a further week of waiting (33 headsets). They are all gone now, so I’m back to square one, trying to find anything (USB cable headset) that is deliverable.

Ended up getting an at2020 and Senheiser HD 559