What size monitor?

I currently have a 34" ultra-wide (3480x1440) and I want to swap that out for a full 4K monitor. The text size is about right on the 34" UW at 100% scaling.

What size 4K monitor would I need to keep the same size text? 38"? 42"?

I need a monitor for office and media, so it needs to be height adjustable and have an integrated speaker, I don’t want to have to run yet more cables around the office! Does anyone have any recommendations?


any of those would be huge, a dual 27-inch setup would be my ideal setup.

What I already have is better than dual 27". And I specifically want to stay with a single screen. And 100% scaling.

The UW will be used to attach to my work laptop, when working at home, replacing the 2 24" screens.

I’m curious about the same thing in my home studio. Move from two monitors to one. I don’t have a recommendation at this time, but I do suggest checking with Robert Herron. He’s pretty responsive on twitter (if you have Twitter).

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Mathematically, 4k is around 33% more pixels than 1440p (non-ultrawide) so you’d need 11" additional inches to match the scale. A 42" might do it for you. I don’t have a desktop display at 4k yet so I can’t give firsthand knowledge, that’s just what the numbers say to me.

I’ve never heard a flat panel display that had speakers I liked. One little 3.5mm cable would be too much?? :wink:

3.5mm cable, plus power cable, plus cables from the subwoofer / one speaker to the other(s)…

I only need it for notifications, YouTube and the odd game. The built-in speaker on the Dell 34" UW is good-enough for my needs and no extra cables.

I’m following this one as well. Just got a new work laptop that can support 4K 60 and I’m thinking about updating my setup. I currently have a 25” 1440p main monitor, flanked by my older 24” 1080p monitor and the new 14” laptop. My first thought was a 34” 1440p ultra-wide, but I then I wondered about a 32” 4K. I’m guessing I would need to scale to 125% on the latter, though— which would reduce my usable screen real estate.
One of my common working scenarios is to have a presentation on my 1080p screen that gets shared to a meeting; the 1440p screen get split between presenter view with notes and Excel for backup data; the laptop screen has a chat room window so my teammates and I can have back channel discussions during the meeting; so obviously I’d like to have usable window space. I suppose with the 4K display I could use a window management program to split it into four 1080p windows. But I worry I’d need to go big if I wanted those to be usable.
If COVID wasn’t peaking again I’d love to go to the store and spend some time in front of a bunch of different displays.

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I don’t have to make many presentations these days. I have the 34" UW on my main rig and I have 2 24" displays on the laptop, split much the same as you, except Teams on the built-in display (bottom middle), mail/web/reference material right and remote sessions, either servers with RDP or client PCs with TeamViewer and managemnet consoles left - although I do tend to swap the left and right around, when I need access to multiple windows of the same type.

The UW makes a hughe difference, I have the windows side-by-side and if I have something “big”, I can make it full screen (E.g. a big spreadsheet or image editing). The extra vertical space (1440 instead of 1080) makes a huge difference, but you already have that on the 25" monitor (do you have that at 100% or 125% scaling? I used to have a 27" 1440p and that was borderline for me.

And that is my worry, about going to a 32"-34" UHD screen, that I’d have to scale up the desktop. I want to use the extra space, not waste it through zooming everything to make it readable.

How many monitor do you want? You could do 3 with the outer 2 symmetrical.

I want 1 screen on my main pc and 1 screen for my laptop, plus the internal screen for Teams.

The UW screen would also be used with my Pi 400, when I am not working. The 2 small monitors can then go back to the office, I also wouldn’t need the docking station any more. 2 power cables fewer and sundry other cables, more free space on my desk and not as cluttered.

If not cluttered, it is not believable that you know your stuff :slight_smile:

Just remote into 9ne from the other.

I think your best bet will be a 38" Ultrawide. I’ve been using a 27" 4K display (LG 27BK85U-W) with Windows scaling the UI to150% (default setting for 4K monitors) for about two years now. I’ve been looking at ultrawide alternatives to get closer to the old “dual monitor” experience. The top of my list is currently the Dell UltraSharp U3818DW. At 3840 x 1600, it’s lower resolution than 4K, but would be about 25% more usable space than the 34" ultrawide you’re currently using without the text appearing appreciably smaller. The one thing I have not yet been able to confirm is whether the built-in KVM will support three computers (Laptop via USB-C, Desktop via DisplayPort, and Desktop Server via HDMI). The manual is frustratingly vague and the forums have people answering both yes and no to the question. I was looking at the LG 38WN95C-W as well, but it’s currently much more expensive and without the KVM features I need.

Here are some reviews:


I looked at that one too. Fantastic, but way out of my price range. :unamused:

Love the guy’s OMG expression under Overview tab, looking at the lady glued to her stacked 49" https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-ultrasharp-49-curved-monitor-u4919dw/apd/210-ARNW/monitors-monitor-accessories

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One keyboard to do it all: Easily toggle between two different PCs with the Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) feature. Simply connect each PC to one of the available inputs and KVM will control both.

I went with a 42" LG in the end. It was that or a Samsung, everything else is sold out at the moment, or old models gathering dust.

At least it is a current model and has HDR and speakers. I bought it online, so I have 14 days to decide whether it is the right one for me.

I might use it on the company laptop, it has USB-C and should power the laptop as well as taking the video signal.


I’ve learned not to trust what’s in the Dell marketing copy. The 38" and 49" monitors in this series have two USB 3.0 Upstream ports, as well as a USB Type-C port which can be used with the KVM. Theoretically, this should allow me to connect three computers to the KVM, so long as one is using USB-C for video and data. The manual says “two computers” but then shows three different ways to connect (see pg. 53). At least one mod on the Dell forums says it should work, but I’d like to get a more definite answer before spending $1,000+ and potentially signing up for a frustrating RMA.


Dell announced the new U3821DW “at” CES. So far as I can tell, it is the U3818DW in silver, with an RJ45 jack implemented into the KVM. All I can find is an article reporting on a press release. We’ll have to wait until the specs hit the Dell website to know more. I’m hoping this means I’ll be able to pickup a U3818DW on close out.

Holy moly! The LG has just arrived. Unpacked it and it looked huge. Sitting in front of it, it is extra huge!

Lovely image quality so far. Tried playing a couple of YouTube videos and the image quality feels better than on the Dell. But I think I have the brightness turned down a bit there. The graphics card doesn’t have HDMI 2.0, so only 30Hz. I quickly swapped that for a Display Port cable and it all works wonderfully.

I loaded up CaptureOne and photos that looked fine on the Dell now look soft-focused on the LG, not having to zoom much as standard means that you see a lot more detail, including a lot more “issues” with the images.

So far, amazing, but BIG