New monitor purchase

I’m after a couple of new monitors, probably 24 inch ones. I’ll have them mounted on an arm and they won’t be very far away from me, so I don’t really need any thing larger than 24 inches. The question I have is, is it worth getting 1440 monitors rather than regular 1080p at this size? My use is mainly productivity, with a bit of photo edition, and some casual gaming. Anyone have any recommendations? I have a budget of up to $500 Australian total for the two monitors.

Personally I would be looking at 1080p panels with accurate colour reproduction instead of 1440 monitors at that size and budget.


I would look at the 34" Dell UltraSharp UW monitor (3840x1440). It has a curved screen and is essentially 2 1920 monitors in one screen, but with a vertical resolution of 1440. I’ve had one for about 3 years now and I find it a pain using the dual 24" monitors at work now.

For photo editing, it is great. You can really use all of the space on the screen, not have the image cramped up on one screen.

I mainly use it for productivity and photo editing (Ryzen 1700, 32GB RAM, 3x512GB SSD, 1x2TB HDD and nVidia GTX1050Ti), which is more than fast enough for everything I need, including a bit of GTA V.

I don’t know how expensive the monitor is in Oz, but I spent around 700€ 3 years ago and they have come down in price since and it has been worth every cent.

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Probably a bit out of my price range. 700 euros is about A$1,150. Do you have a model number?

Yeah, I’m thinking that. I have my eye on a couple from AOC (Taiwanese company). IPS panel that has 102% sRGB gamut. Important to have two HDMI or one HDMI and one DisplayPort so one with a single HDMI and VGA are out.

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I’ve heard good things about AOC. We have some at the office that people seem to like.

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That’s good to hear. I’ve known of them for ages, but not seen them before.

Ouch, the AU price is eye watering! It is the equivalent of $980 Australian on Amazon in Germany.

The same panel is available from other manufacturers, some at better prices, but if you can stretch to it, it is a great experience.

Yeah, Dell’s a rip-off in Australia. Amazon has it for A$1,099. Out of my price range unfortunately, but an ultrawide at that resolution would have been good.

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Similar model from what I can see for $584 at the moment

That’s not an ultrawide monitor. Not sure about a VA panel for colour accuracy either…

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Fair enough, I saw the basic stats and made some incorrect correlations :grin:

Probably should have my morning coffee before I post :laughing:

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All good. I’m just slightly fussy right now. I’m not a gamer, so don’t need fast response. I’m favouring IPS panels. And 32 inches is too big!

Don’t forget, those 32" are smaller than 2x24" and it displays more information, without the barrier between the two halves of the “display”, which offers more flexibility for large documents or images.

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Not cheap, and probably not even what you’re looking for, but you have to admire the impression they give (from the picture showing no power cord, just the Ethernet cable) that the monitor can run on PoE. (I don’t think it actually does though.)

It’s way beyond your price, but this one sounds like it would appeal to you (except for the price):

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Yeah, I saw that! Technology like that will probably be affordable in a few years.

Ended up buy two of these monitors.

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Noice! How do you like them so far?

Interestingly, Costco here is selling them in a two pack :wink:

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I just ordered them today so waiting for delivery. Seemed like a good balance between quality and connectivity. I’ll have them mounted on a dual monitor arm.

A little cheaper than in Australia…