Choosing right Monitor size 32” or 42”

Hello everyone
Let me describe the situation and please help me with decision

At office i have 3 27” 1440p

At home office i have
One 27” 4k
2x 24”

  • laptop screen for work
    And i use the 27” 4k with kvm and usb c for my personal laptop and MacBook Pro

So IF i want to replace the 2 24” 1080 p ones with one new monitor

And my my work is about many windows and applications and chats side by side
And my personal is satisfied with one screen for light office + photoshop + some games occasionally

Im trying to decide between 16:9 32” or 42” as my main screen
I don’t know for 32” if is not big enough for double window
And if 42” is not big enough for 4 windows but too big for 1 window sitting close to it (i cant sit far away and i need to have double monitor for meeting screen sharing)

As most of managable priced 42” s are 5 years old
What would be your suggestion?
Should i even consider a ultra wide ( less than $1000)?
As im trying to use it as my main display for mac and pc gaming?
Or normal size 32” is the best option?

I have a 32" 16:9 4k monitor attached to my work laptop. I frequently have 4 tiled windows on it, terminals chat screens, documents etc. Effectively I’m using it as 4 1080 screens stuck together.

I sit quite close to it and wouldn’t consider anything larger as my desk isn’t deep enough. I migh consider an ultrawide but they still seem to be quite expensive so not really an option at the moment.

Sometimes it’s nice to have two separate screens to move things between (I don’t really consider the laptop screen as anything other than just for email) but the two 24" screens I had before took a lot of head moving to get from one side to the other, so I’m preferring one 32" (+ laptop).

The 32" is also connected to my gaming PC.


That’s what im looking for i basically use laptop as my email/calendar to join meetings and 27 and 24 for multiple windows and apps and one for my 2 chat apps
I also found it hard to turn head much and tend to focus on 2 monitors mainly

With that said maybe the 32” 16:9 flat is the most useful as i can find newer models with better price
I still am not sure about OLED for monitors ( i love my oled tv but im a little afraid for all day stationary solid windows

I have a 44" 16:9 4K LG monitor and using it the same way. I was unsure whether the 32" 4K would be usable with 100% magnification, so I went with the 44", with HDR it was also the same price as a 32" monitor.

The text at 100% is easily readable, but the whole size is “formidable” at first. I have the same monitor at work now as well - I went from a 32" UWD 3440x1440 and the heigh difference is a big part of what makes the 4K so useful.

I generally have Teams on my laptop display, browser & mail program on the right side of the main screen and VMs/RDP/SSH windows on the left top and the phone and TeamViewer Manager on the left bottom.

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