How to choose the suitable Monitor?

Hi all

Have another simple question

Wondering how to choose a suitable monitor for hime regular use?

I know it depends on the use and space and budget and etc…

But as a regular user and normal use nothing special
Game- photoshop-autocad-browsing-light video watching-spred sheet and so on and on and on

And i don’t have a large budget to spend on monitor
So here are my options

I like bezel less
And i never go for off brands as they’re cheeper
I like to stay in more famous brands
( LG DELL HP Samsung Asus)

So should i go for 32 or 27”
Should i buy 4k or hd works fine
Should i go for curve or
ultra wide works better

If i have to choose between these which one do you prefer

I have 4K monitors that I am basically running at 1080 because I am having the OS do display doubling because my vision is aging. If your budget is tight then my recommendation would be to not spend extra for 4K if you can get a high quality 1080 monitor for the same money. Be careful of getting too big of a display… your vision has a maximum amount of the screen you can take in at once, so if you get one that is too big you’re likely going to have to sit further from it for general usage. I’d stick to around 27" to find the optimal price to size advantage. Brand wise, I have had good luck with Samsung, LG and ASUS, and I just choose which ever has the best price for the features I want at the time I go shopping.

I think it’s probably more important to decide on the technology you want in your monitor. I don’t think anyone is making OLED monitors yet (way too expensive) so you’re probably going to get a LCD monitor with some sort of LED back lighting. I choose IPS display technology because it seems to have the best viewing angles… but it’s more expensive than TN.

I would absolutely avoid any curved display. To me this is just a gimmick and the curve is going to act like a focus for any light behind you, and increase glare.

You can get an extra wide screen monitor, but be cognizant of how you use a computer. The web, for example, seems built for height and not width, and so much of the space on the sides is wasted. If you think you’ll want to run two things at once, side by side, then this may work great for you… but I’ve never personally be able to multitask like this and find I mostly run one app at a time and found a widescreen monitor to be a detraction. I’d rather have TWO cheaper monitors with extra height than one squat and wide one.


Wow thank you for your detailed reply,
It’s really a good idea

Yeah I’m not looking for TN panels as they’re not sharp enough and I’m not worried about latency.

Right now i have 2 of those 1080 27” bezel less DELL for my work and those are good

But for my home and connect it to my laptop and MacBook pro for now so you say it’s better to have a wide 1440
Costco have some deals now i have to check them out
I guss it makes more sense than use it with my 60” 1080p tv
My laptop now is 4k17” di you think it makes sense to buy a monitor now or wait till get a better pc

I found 3 options that are good deal now
Please give me your opinion about them

Lg ultragear 144Hz 1ms 27” 19201080 for 180$
Lg FHD 60Hz 5ms 27” 1920
1080 for 130$
Samsung 60Hz 4ms 27” 19201080 curve for 140$
Samsung 60Hz 4ms 32” 1920
1080 curve for 160$

For the price range I don’t know if it worth to go for 2560*1440 or 4K and honestly my laptop has 4k and it bothers me sometimes when menus dpi are so small and won’t adjust
Andi know it’s not a question but please fill me with if it’s good to buy this or live with my 17” laptop till i get the space for setting up a whole pc in future

Both great choices…you can’t go wrong with either 27", I’d say it comes down to aesthetics.

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All our monitors are 16:10. I’ve had great luck with Dell UltraSharp. You can often get deals from their outlet store.

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Yeah my work monitors are dell bezeless sharp

So you’re not suggesting to go for
21: 9?
Or 144Hz?
Or 2560*1440 on 27”?

Is 1080p 27” 60Hz non curve good enough?