What forum software is TWiT.community using?

I’ve seen this style of forum software on a number of other sites, but I can’t find what it is anywhere.

As far as I am aware, they are using Discourse.

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Discourse .

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Yeah it’s Discourse, hosted by Discourse at https://www.discourse.org/

I pay around $300 a month for the service and it’s been 100% reliable since we started this (admittedly low traffic) site.

Jono Bacon convinced me I should do it on Triangulation back in September 2019.

It’s a far preferable place to field comments than YouTube or Twitter!


I love the idea of a forum. I’m not a huge fan of Discourse. I think there is a ton of wasted space in the layout and prefer to look of forums like phpBB, XenForo, etc.

But I’m not paying for the forums, and I don’t have to administer them. Discourse seems to be very popular, so it must have features people or admins love.

I’m just here as a casual end user.

I’m curious what makes Discourse a better option than other forum options.

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Honestly I think PHPBB and XenForo look really dated.

Try out some of the themes here (in your settings) - maybe you’ll find one you like better. Sam’s Simple Theme looks a lot like old school forum software.

And if you guys know of other Discourse themes you’d like to see let me know - I can install it.


I’ll see what themes I can find that look interesting.

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Absolutely agree. I’m a big fan of the modern look/feel of Discourse. Great choice for the community.


Everyone has their own preferences. With the right themes XenForo and phpBB can look quite modern.

I do like that Discourse supports markdown. That makes my typing much faster.

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Air theme installed. You can try it by clicking the hamburger menu to the upper right and choosing theme selector.

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