The Future of (if any)

To Whom It May Concern

I am a first-time user of “Discourse,” which looks like a “Scavengers” game. “Information and Help” seems scattered in too many places.

I came to “” through the YouTube link. And I notice that there is no link to this community from “” (or at least there is no apparent link).

Before I spend time learning “Discourse,” I would like to know if this community is phasing out to be replaced with “Club Twit.”

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There is a link at the bottom of But I agree it’s relatively hidden and not where you would expect it.

Edit: I just saw that podcast episodes have a link “Discuss episodes in the TWiT Community.” (e.g.

I think the point is to make this forum somewhat discoverable, but only by the TWiT audience.


A great many other fora on the Internet are also Discourse based, your time becoming familiar with it will not be a waste. The basic premise is the same for them all, but they can be customized so they won’t all look the same, or act precisely the same, but the message formatting, and reply behaviour and basic things will probably always remain the same.

The TWiT Club is about a different product, with a similar name, Discord.


This place isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Club TWiT members hang in Discord as well as here. Two different community offerings for the TWiT listeners.

This is more of an old school online forum than a social platform such as Slack or Discord.



Club TWiT provides Discord in addition to all the free ways to communicate with other fans.

I live in a different time zone and find Discord fairly useless as most of the conversation seems to take place when the shows are on (and I am in bed or spending time with my family) and there is no easy way to follow a conversation, it is all jumbled together.

Even though I am a Club TWiT member, I much prefer using the forums here, as they are organised and I find them easier to use and follow, as you can dip in and out of conversations. so I won’t be going anywhere soon.


My sentiments exactly … I too am a Club TWiT member but I prefer the forums to anything I get with my club subscription.


Well I can’t promise it will always be here, but it’s been a few years, there’s a great community here, and it’s, in effect, supported by the club, as is our IRC and Mastodon. The IRC is 30-years-old now, so, if that’s any indication, I like to keep our communities going.


I have never been a fan of Discourse. I much prefer traditional forum software such as phpBB, Xenforo and other software like that. But I’m an old fart. I agree with Steve Gibson that NNTP is awesome.

But NNTP was designed when there was a kinder and gentler text based Internet. In 2023 it can’t handle authentication, spam blocking, inline images or other expected modern conveniences.

It would cool if the NNTP protocol was extended and expanded, and people could create forums using it that were part of a fediverse.

But DIscourse is better than nothing.