Android Discourse App?

Hi All…

I was wondering if someone could help me… I downloaded the Discourse App for Android on my Pixel 2 XL. When I search for the TWiT.Community, or even just TWiT, it can’t find this forum. Was hoping if someone knew what I might be doing wrong…

Thanks for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

You need to add the www in front… and search for That should fix ya up right quick :wink:


Something so simple and basic… I’m almost embarrassed that I overlooked it 🤦

Thanks so much @PHolder :grin:

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Note on Android there is little reason really to install the app, you can just create a PWA shortcut and get notifications and so on without needing to install an app.


how do you enter the the silly thing wants an invite or something which I haven’t got, and when I try to add a server that doesn’t like it

I think you must have done something wrong @Grizzlysmit. Download the Discourse App (make sure you didn’t get Discord or something else.) Then click the plus sign to add and enter and then you should get a button to “connect” which will prompt you for your username and password. I took screen captures:

First make sure the app icon looks like this:

Then when you launch it, it should present you with the welcome screen and a button offering to add your first site:

Click the button and then enter for the site name:

Press enter and you should see the site with a button to connect:

Press the connect button and you should get a log in screen:


yep had the wrong app discord, it’s discourse thx