SQRL Login for TWiT Community!

Maybe just an oversight on my part, but why isn’t there a SQRL login for the TWiT community?!?!?


I support this…


This was discussed briefly here.

The reply was Leo will look into it, but we need a SQRL plugin for Discourse (this forum software).


Nice! Thanks guys! :grinning:


Using SQRL here would be the thing to get me to use it. I like what it does, but other then the SQRL forum there is no other place that uses it. If making a plugin for the forum is too difficult, then I think we see what the major barrier to adoption will be.

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I don’t think it’s difficult - but someone has to take it on. Someone who is familiar with both Discourse and SQRL. That might be a pretty small universe.

Yeah, couldn’t agree more! Was really hoping that the SQRL popup would appear when I visited the community to sign up :frowning:

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Ooh, a Red Dwarf fan. Knew I was missing some shows from my favorite TV show list.

love to see it in action over here and if posible the chat too so you dont need to msg IDENTIFY anymore

Hey @Leo
I’ve been working on this for my own discourse forum and although I am not familar enough with discourse to write a discourse plugin I am familiar enough with OAuth 2 to write an OAuth 2 Provider for SQRL that works with Discourse’s OAuth 2.0 Plugin

Here’s a demo of it working on my Discourse Forum

Let me know if you’d like to get it setup here I can get you the info it’s pretty trivial. I’m still testing it and enhancing it but it works great.


Sweet! I just finished watching this weeks SecurityNow and was going to post that Steve and Leo were talking about Jose’s project.


I sent @Leo the info and responded that he got so hopefully he’ll be able to use the info to set it up soon!

It’s today’s assignment!


haha! awesome, let me know if I can help

OK it’s done, and it works. (Thanks @josecgomez !!!)

To try it you’ll have to create a new account. Is there any way to merge Oauth accounts with plain old Discourse accounts? I’ll have to check.

Also the text on the button is the same color as the background in the default theme. working…

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First head over to SQRLOAuth.com and create an account there by logging in with SQRL.
Update your name, email etc (by default it gives you a random one)
Then if you login to the community (here) normally (username , password ) first and then go to

You can then click Connect and that will connect your SQRL account to your Twit.Community account.

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Nice! (This is Leo posting from my SQRL account.) I’ll merge them now!

@josecgomez - is that link correct? I just get the SQRL wiki and an old fashioned create account form.

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ooops fat fingers
Corrected! my bad

Hey Jose I think I broke something. I decided to play with disabling my account to see if you had that working, which you do. Unfortunately when I try to re-enable I get an unexpected error from Steve’s client and I remain disabled.


I will fix your account one sec.

@PHolder fixed.

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