Hey, I am Jono Bacon. Thrilled to see this community!

Hey, Everyone,

So, I went on Triangulation with @Leo a few weeks ago:

In it I was suggesting that TWiT have a community forum. Thrilled to see it a reality, and great to see the implementation the team rolled out.

I would love to hear suggestions from you all about what you would love to see this forum used for? Community events? Hackathons? New shows being published? I would love to hear your ideas!


I love this, so thank you for suggesting it to @Leo! :grin:


Thanks Jono, I really love forums, and glad that TWiT has one now.
I have listened to the episode with you and Leo on it, and totally agree that having a community is what drives something forward, may it be a brand, a product, an idea, a movement, or a podcast.
I have pre-ordered your book, can’t wait to put that too good use. :+1::+1::blush::grin:


Thanks both, and thanks, @NeoBucket, for pre-ordering the book. :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be fun to do an AMA here or something sometime if there is interest.