What do I do with my Nexus 7?

My old Nexus 7 has a great screen. I’d love to use it for something, but I don’t know where to start.

Many years ago it got so slow, it became unusable. But I think that was because an Android update (Kit Kat?) was too much to handle. Is it possible to go back to a previous Android version and get it going again? If I do that, will any apps like Chrome or Netflix even work? I’ve never sideloaded Android before, so I’d need help.

Alternatively, if I could turn it into a monitor for a Linux or Windows PC, that would be cool, too.

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I would have encouraged you to try the search (the magnifying glass on the top right):


**puts tongue in teeth ** ever thought of a museum


This is such a new community, it didn’t occur to me to search for old threads. Thought I’d be the first one to post the question here!

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The Nexus 7 was the perfect tablet and is still fantastic for watching movies. Stereo sound, 1080p (when most 7" tablets of that era were 760p)
I held on to it for years longer than I should have.

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