Looking for an Android Tablet

Hey all, I’m new to Android and am looking to get a used tablet, probably from Lenovo or Samsung – both of which have a lot of models.

It will be very lightly used, mostly for just a few apps that I can’t find Windows apps for (like Logitech Harmony Hub, Roomba, etc). I’m disabled and use Windows on my PC.

I don’t need good specs by any means, nor don’t care about the latest and greatest version of Android or battery life (it’ll be plugged in). I do need Bluetooth and Wifi though, and a keyboard.

Does anyone have or can recommend a decent older tablet? If you need more info please let me know. Thanks!

For such light use, consider a Kindle Fire. Oh and I recommend getting one without the “special features.” :wink:

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Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it not have access to the Play Store?

You are correct, and the Harmony app doesn’t seem to be in the Amazon App Store. It can be side-loaded if you know how.

I’d rather not side-load every app not in the Amazon Store :wink:

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You can put the play store on the Fire. It’s easy.

Is it safe and/or future-proof though? I think I’d rather stick with a tablet from Samsung or Lenovo with native support.

I have no experience with this site, but maybe someone else will, and it might give you some idea about prices for used ones:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is looking pretty good at Used Galaxy Tab 4 For Sale - Swappa. Do you think that would be the best option for my original needs?

It doesn’t mention the model which has made this process confusing :slight_smile: Tab A, Tab B, Tab E, Tab S2, Tab XYZWTF. I just want a tablet that meets my minimum requirements… lol

I have a fire tablet and I side-loaded the Google play store. It has been working flawlessly in that regard.

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I have a Tab A from 2017 and it’s awfully slow. Might want to look at the Lenovo Android tablets. They’re pretty good from what I’ve seen.

The Samsung tablets are my favorite. I have an older S2 that is still chugging, and it works fantastic. Works as fast as it did the day I bought it - not this gradual slowdown you see on the Ipads everytime you update the OS.

Now, there are a whole range of Samsung tablets - from cheaper to higher end (S4 and S5)

I went with a Lenovo Tab E. Altho it’s painfully slow, I must say that Android overall is pretty damn cool. It’s a great entry device to the big wide world of Android. I’m new to it after using Windows for literally 30+ years.

I’m disabled and the accessibility options with voice assist are lacking in some pretty major ways. I hope that the devs would just try controlling their Android devices completely by voice for a week to see the problems.