What are your 3 favorite TWiT Podcasts? REVISED w/Bar Chart - Open for 3 Additional Days. Let's get to 100 Voters!

  • The Tech Guy
  • Floss Weekly
  • Hands on IOS
  • MacBreak Weekly
  • This Week in Tech
  • Security Now
  • Hands on Photography
  • This Week in Enterprise Tech
  • This Week in Google
  • IOS Today
  • All About Android
  • Ask The Tech Guy
  • Windows Weekly
  • Smart Tech Today
  • Tech News Weekly
  • This Week in Computer Hardware
  • HAM Nation

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I listen to a heck of a lot more than my favourites though…


Me, too. It was really hard to list my three favorites as I actually have five! You made me leave off WW and iOS today! Ack…:scream:

This is much better for the colorblind…

:point_up: What he said.

Voting is disabled… :frowning:

Still seems to be working for me - I can go in and change my vote. Ad blocker maybe?

UI. I pressed on Vote, but it was grayed out… I had to click on show results in order to vote… The eye with the splash through it wasn’t obvious, i was just reading the text, the icon didn’t register.

“Hide results” or something would be more obvious than just changing the icon…

My vote went through, like others I watch more than what I selected for my three favorites. It was hard to choose.

I would like to get to 100 voters to achieve a good sampling size. Please take a moment to cast your ballot.