Weird sound on Mac Startup?

Hey guys…

I wasn’t sure which episode this was but it was obviously one of the past few weekends I’ve heard the Tech Guy, which I do each weekend. (Thank you so much btw, Leo, I love TWIT and every show I watch is amazing, esp Windows Weekly.)

My question: I think there was a caller who said recently on Tech Guy that he heard a noise when his Mac started up, if I recall correctly?? I remember Leo and him talking about his Wifi perhaps, and I’m unsure if this was even a question. Did that happen…?

I’m asking because I just downloaded a program called Night Owl which runs on my new 2020 MacBook Air and changes from dark to light theme on the fly (I heard it recommended in a YouTube Mac software ‘must have’ video) and I just heard a weird noise earlier (!!) upon startup and realized it was the Owl in the app ‘hooting’ to notify me that it changed my Mac’s desktop theme from light to dark (as it is evening now.) I literally jumped when it did that because I wasn’t expecting it. Do you think this could be a possible solution to that callers problem? Also, I’m unsure which episode this was so I didn’t know where to post it (feel free to relocate this to the proper place.) Again, I’m even unsure if that was a question or not, but forgive me. It startled me a little and I thought I had heard a listener ask about something similar before.

Btw, Night Owl is amazing and I highly recommend it! It’s a free app, too.

Keep up the great work, TWIT staff, and you’ve really kept me sane during the past 3 weeks of home lock down for me. Stay safe and God bless ya.

Night Owl website:


I’m not sure he’ll see this unless you tag him - @Leo - so he’ll see it more easily.

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