Weather Station for Home

I’ve been considering purchasing a home weather station - namely for fun. I would like any station to have some kind of local-LAN API I could access. In the future I may want to connect it to my water irrigation system.

I’ve eyed a couple from Weather Ambient and Davis Instruments… but seems like a lot of the technical details (is there an API?) is not something the marketing teams are advertising up front.

Does anyone have their own weather station at home? Have you used their API?

An in-home console to display the real-time values would be nice, but not a requirement. I was planning on mounting it to my child’s playground since it’s in the middle of my yard with no trees overhanging.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Take a look at using the open source WeeWX as an interface to either brand of station. I believe it will provide a consistent API for you to utilize. Then if you upgrade, or when the equipment eventually needs replacement, all you’ll need to do is switch the WeeWX driver to the one for the replacement station.

To find out about user experiences with a specific manufacturer’s API, check out WXforum.


This is the exact kind of information I was looking for - and didn’t expect to get it so quickly. Thanks! Anyone else want to “brag” and share their setup, please do.