Zig! Bee? - AP recommendation with Alexa

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I have some smart electrical plugs that I can steer via Alexa today, but the supplier / service provider (OSRAM) has announced that they will discontinue their service. It is possible, however, to use the plugs with another ZigBee smart home gateway. I don’t have one yet. Can anyone recommend generic ZigBee gateways? (I know I might use Philips Hue, but it’s twice the price and offers functions I don’t really need.) Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I’ve not used it, so in no position to make a recommendation, but the only “brand name” out there that I even recognize that hasn’t already been marked undesirable or even EOL is Hubitat. I have to wonder if the eventually forthcoming Apple/Google/Samsung/everyone else tieup Matter (formerly known as CHIP) is causing disruptions in this market.

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If you’re wanting to invest some time then home assistant offers the best long term support for ZigBee. Personally I use smarthings for my ZigBee kit a(I run my home assistant in a VM so a USB ZigBee adapter wasn’t reliable enough).
Smarthings has always been rumoured to become a paid service but that’s never happened so far and they have just announced a big upgrade to their online tools.
Tuya seem to be the flavour of the month but I don’t know if they are compatible with osram.

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Thank you, both! I have taken a first look a these solutions and it feels like falling down the smart home rabbit hole. :slight_smile: It’s an interesting idea to employ one of the running Raspberry Pis and give it double duty as a home assistant access point…

Getting started in smart home IoT makes everything so easy, so plug-and-play that it’s interesting to awake to the opportunities to do this more from a DIY angle.


Just had a thought that if you have any of the newer echo devices, then some of these have zigbee hubs built in.