Anyone have any experience with the water management product Phyn?

I am seriously considering a purchase of Phyn and wondering if anyone else has any experience with it? It seems from poking around their site that it uses a lot of cloud machine learning, which means I guess giving up some privacy. I didn’t stumble across anything like a privacy statement anywhere on their site. I have to admit I would prefer that most of the processing were local, but I think they intend to monetize usage data. (I see the app, for example, can tell you how you compare to other houses of a similar size.)

Can’t provide experience info, but have to thank you for posting this product. Got my attention. The idea of a device that can turn off water supply if a large leak is detected is an example of a really useful IOT device (assuming it can be protected from hacking).
Phyn is owned by Belkin, so that provides a bit of confidence. At least they have been around for a while.
I have queried them about any planned availability in Australia, and their privacy policy.
By the way, there is a privacy policy link at the bottom of their webpage.
Interesting that I could not get the Contact Us button to respond until I used VPN into USA.

Stacey Higginbotham has some experience with this I think.

Take a listen to episode 230 of the IoT Podcast maybe