Wasabi cloud storage

Wasabi Cloud Storage must be intended for business use even though they support consumer accounts. @$71.88/yr for 1TB, makes more sense for me to use Office 365 which offers same amount of storage plus their apps.

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How’s it compare to AWS?

Well they pattern themselves after AWS, which is clearly a business play for web application deployment.

If you want backup (i.e. stuff you hope to never access) you can get better pricing. There are many companies in that business, though a lot of them seem to be more interested in business than consumer. (Like Backblaze.)

If you want something like Dropbox, basically files you access all the time, and sync and occasionally share, there are other options that do that sort of thing cheaply too… but the Office one is probably as good as any.

I only experienced cloud storage on Wasabi. Wasn’t aware of any option for web application deployment such as AWS offers. Accessing files on Wasabi using an FTP client or through a browser, was very intuitive for both storing and retrieving. Same experience as OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Have you literally never heard any of @Leo’s ads for it? Wow. Anyway… the ad copy goes something like x times faster than AWS and x times cheaper. I think the numbers are 6 times faster and 4 times cheaper. (I don’t really remember because I am not in the market and so it goes in one ear and out the other.)

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Who’s Leo…?

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Advertising and 30-day trial hooked me into trying. Unfortunately I had to experience a misguided beginning. Upon following their “getting started” YouTube link, I was unable upload to my newly created bucket. After a few rounds of tech email, they determined I was authenticating to the wrong East coast data center. As it turned out, there are now two East coast data centers however the ‘getting started’ video only referenced one. That 6-month old YouTube video has been replaced with a more generic one. Nice thing about outdated video, it explained in detail how to configure CyberDuck.

I’ve been using wasabi for a while. I was using amazon cloud drive to back up my local server but once the unlimited storage plan ended on that I needed something else. It was simple to switch to Wasabi as my backup / sync client could just switch to another s3 compatible destination. I’m just a home user but value my data so want off site backup. I took the $3.99 plan since I don’t usually extract much data, only the very occasional file restore, so it is price competitive. I did consider taking out plans with dropbox, o365 and a few others but decided to give these guys a go since its a one month contract and has worked out quite cheap for me.

Service is generally good. I’ve had the odd problem with them which email support helped me to resolve quite quickly. They have had a couple of outages recently so while they didn’t lose any data my overnight backups failed for a few days while they sorted themselves out.

Not really a problem for me, but something that I didn’t realize when signing up was that anything you delete you get charged for the data for 90 days, and you don’t seem to be able to restore something once you have deleted it either so it feels like you’re paying for something that you cant use. I don’t delete a lot of data but if your data changes a lot then you might get stung by this.


If OneDrive is on your comparison list, you’re probably not Wasabi’s primary customer. The main draw to Wasabi is that they offer programmatic access to hosted storage using the same protocols that Amazon’s AWS product use, but at a cheaper price w/ better performance.